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Hundred Education experts gather together in Hunan University to dicuss about education quality.


21st to 22nd October , the 14th university education thought seminar cum Hunan higher education society academic conference in year 2012 undertaken by Hunan University was held. A number of 200 experts and scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Nanjing University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hunan University and so on 60 units had a communication and discussion on the topic “higher education quality and security in the context of popular higher education”, submitted almost hundred papers. China's higher education founder and Xiamen University’s senior professor Pan Maoyuan, Hunan University president Zhao Yueyu, Hunan province ministry of education deputy director Shen Jiyuan attended the conference.

The conference comprehensively discussed theory of higher education quality, higher education quality management and security, the theory and practice of higher education quality evaluation and international comparison of higher education quality and security this 4 topics.

On the meeting, a keynote report themed “Improve education: out thought and practise” that principal Zhao Yueyu made was recognized and approved of by many experts present. He thought that the university is foundation and key facter of education quality, improving university education quality lies in the following 4 aspects, namely insisting on students cultivation first, ensure talents cultivation quality, intensify teachers’ leading position, ensure the quality of teaching staff construction; adhere to reform and innovation, ensure the quality of university’s inner management; cultivate school spirit, ensure the culture construction quality.   

Later, Prof. Wu Daguang from Xiamen University, Prof. Gong Fang from Nanjing University, Prof. Tang Songlin from Hunan University and so on a number of 10 professors delivered a subject speech on higher education quality and security in proepects of theory, system, teacher and so on. A keynote report “in Kitsch edge: unbearable light of college life” made by Prof. Tang Songlin pioneers a new way, discussed quality and management of higher education in teacher’s terms. He believed that “I” am the quality, quality is “me” from the point of view of philosophy, affirmed the important role that the teacher plays in higher education quality. While the quality problem that the university is facing now was that the teacher losts teaching function of “the inner self“ which they should posses. He pointed out that to improve higher education quality, the teachers should go back to their heart to make the teaching and scientific research to move forward together.     

The seminar also let the representatives have a discussion on diferent subjects throgh group discussion. In a free but intense academic exchange, the representatives had a better understanding of higher education quality and secutity.

It was said that the national university education thought seminar started to be held by Huan University , Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Nanjing University Of Autraustic and Aerotraustics in 1986, it is held every two year in this three universities in turns, now it has been held 13 times successfully, becomes high level forum in China’s higher education circles, and palys an important role in promoting our nation’s higher education reform and research.   

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