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College of Foreign Language achieved international exchange and cooperation intention with Lakehead University


On the afternoon of 20th November, prsident Brain J.R. Stevenson of Lakehead University and the deletion visited Hunan University, discussiing intel-school cooperation with college of foreign language and international education, vice president Zhang Jing of Hunan University attended the meeting, president Liu Zhengguang and vice president Tan Qionglin of college of foreign language and international education as well as Zhou Jian from department of international cooperation took part in the meeting.

Dr. Stevenson, president of Lakehead University, gave brief introducation about his  university and hoped to cooperate with Hunan University in langauge programs, Canadian students’ coming China for short-term teaching internship and students exchange so on those respects. Vice president Zhang Jing expressed his interest in both sides’ cooperation after listened president Stevenson’s introducation, and he said to enhance cooperation with foreign university especially with those ones who are superior in some disciplines was significant to promote Hunan University’s vapid development in the key stage that Hunan University is fasting its international development.Zhang also indicated that the university’s international cooperation development starts working, while it need to be improved in terms of the specific target major students exchange programs. That how emboy international cooperation programs and make students benefit from the it is the key for Hunan University international cooperation, Zhang said, and he hoped the cooperation programs conducted by Huan University and Lakehead University and Hunan University could be successfully carried out soon and get promoted in other professions of Hunan University.

When the two sides settled dwon the cooperation intention, presdient Liu zhengguang discussed with the opposite side about details of cooperation, including tuition, teacher’s exchange programs, and reached agreement, two parities will sign offical international exchange and cooperation agreement at the end of this year, the first batch of students from Lakehead University may come to Hunan University for teaching internship.

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