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The International College at Beijing (ICB) is an integral part of China Agricultural University (CAU). ICB was founded on April 20th, 1995, as the result of a joint venture educational program between itself and the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD).

The agreement reached between UCD and Chinese educational authorities, which led to the creation of the International College of Beijing, is now recognized as being among the first bilateral educational programs authorized by the Chinese government. In April, 1988, ICB started the cooperation with the University of Luton, UK, and was formally accepted as one of the first joint venture educational schools by the Beijing Institute of Education. Recently a new joint venture educational program has been planning and preparing, which would help ICB develop better in the future. ICB currently has more than 1400 students enrolled on its campus. This figure includes a number of international students.

In the past few years ICB has successfully created and set up the language Research and Training Center, the Media Library, the Multimedia Computer Lab, and the Media Research Center. These facilities have greatly increased the efficiency and quality of the academic program offered by the International College at Beijing and its UK Luton Partner. After over 10 years of hard work and rapid development, the results have been greatly rewarding. ICB has become a highly respected international educational institution, which has at its disposal a competent faculty, advanced teaching facilities and a high standard of education.


Welcome to study at International College at Beijing(中国农业大学国际学院)