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1.Language students

Universities accept students who have achieved the minimum of a high school education for courses in the Chinese language. These courses usually last 1 or 2 years. Students are given certificates after they complete their course. Students who do not speak Chinese and want to study further in China are usually required to complete a language-training course.


2.Undergraduate students

Undergraduate degrees usually require 4 years of study (but Medicine programs usually require 5-6 years of study). International students have classes together with native Chinese students. In accordance with each student's past education, some classes of a degree course can be cancelled and some have to be added. Foreign students will receive a Bachelor's degree after passing the necessary exams and completing a thesis.


3.Postgraduate students

Master's degrees are granted after 2-3 years of study. As well as written exams and a postgraduate thesis, oral examinations are also taken.


4.Doctorate students

Three years of study are needed to obtain a PhD.


5.Research scholars

Foreign students of this type are usually conducted independently by the student under the supervision of an assigned tutor. And if a research scholar need to do some surveys, experiments, interviews, or visits, he will have to be agreed by relevant authority.


6.Short-term training students

Short-term courses are now offered in many areas such as Chinese literature, calligraphy, economics, architecture, Chinese law, traditional Chinese medicine, art, and sports. Courses are offered in the holidays as well as during term time.

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