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Canada prince Edward island university President come to our university for visit and communication


Invited by our university’s school of material science, Canada prince Edward island university President come to our universty for visit and communication. Our university vice president and leader of material science professor Xiaonong Cheng met principal Alaa Adb-El-Aziz in No. 2 meeting room on third floor of conference center and introduced general information of our university. Both sides had initiatory dicussion and communication regard to cooperation and 2nd international conference on advanced materials (AM2013) preparation。 
The other day morning, Jiangsu University and Canada prince Edward island university memorandum signing ceremony was held in the second Lecture Hall on the first floor of conference center. Vice principal Xiaonong Cheng, Director of international communication and exchange Zhongxing Li, school of Material science the Party secretary Fugeng Yang, and vice president Juan Yang.attended the ceremony.
Later, vice principal Alaa Adb-El-Aziz to part-time professor ceremony and academic report was held in the third lecture hall on the floor of conference room.vice principal Xiaonong Cheng on behalf of Jiangsu University presented professor Alaa Adb-El-Aziz letter of appointment, wearing school badge, and expressed his warm welcome and cordial thanks to Prof. Alaa ‘s arrival. After the part-time professor appoinment ceremony, Prof. Alaa Adb-El-Azizi made an academic report titled "Design and Versatile Applications of Organometallic Polymers”. 
Prof Alaa Abd-El-Aziz is a well-known Metal organic chemical and materials scientists both at home and abroad. The current international advanced material federation chairman, Canada prince Edward island university President, Springer well-known publication Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials editor.He successively worked at the University of Toronto and the University of Winnipeg and the University of British Columbia, published more than 200 papers as first and principal author. He is represitative scholar in globle metal organic chemistry filed who was once invited to make the plenary and keynote report for 1000 times

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