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Founded in 1959, the new campus of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located at the foot of scenic Meiling Mountain range on the western outskirts of the capital, Nanchang City. Since its foundation, the school has been dedicated to the education of students who possess practical and innovative talents. The university’s academic approach has shown advantages in terms of the schooling paradigm in which the education of Chinese Medicine is coordinated with the development of multiple disciplines and demonstrates the unique integration of industry, and scientific research. And in this way the University is made a hub for medical education, therapeutic care and scientific research in Jiangxi Province.

The University has four beautiful campuses, which cover a total area of 2308 mu, making Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine the largest TCM school in China. There is over 400,000 square meters of building space on the collective campuses. There are teaching and scientific equipment available for the students valued at over 82 million Yuan. The school library is home to 778,000 copies (hardcopy) of books, over 406,000 electronic books and 19 electronic resource databases. The university comprises 14 colleges or teaching departments. There are 2 directly attached hospital and 8 non-directly attached hospitals. There are 20 Master’s programs and 20 bachelor programs offered by the school cover the areas of medical science, science, engineering, administration, arts and economics. At present, there are over 15,000 students, including 104 foreign students.

The school is equipped with a strong dedicated and experienced teaching staff with a number of 1034, including 403 teachers with a Master's or doctoral degree. Among faculty, there are 16 doctoral degree mentors and 228 Master's degree mentors, 74 academic experts who received awards from the state council and provincial government, and 27 provincial-level renowned TCM Doctors and 50 provincial-level middle-young-aged academic leaders or backbone teachers. For the past few years, the school has set up some state or provincial level research units including an engineering center for the solid preparation of Chinese medicine, a key laboratory accredited by the state ministry of education, a postdoctoral working station, a ministry-level laboratory for modern preparation of Chinese herbal medicine, a provincial engineering technical center, and a ministry level research base for TCM clinical pharmacology. The school also boasts 2 key disciplines accredited by the State Administration of TCM and 10 provincial level disciplines in medical science. Since 2001, the school has undertaken numerous projects which include some 863 State Planning Projects, 1035 Projects in the area of medical science, five-year plan projects, projects financed by the state natural science fund and other provincial or ministry level projects.

Jiangxi University of TCM is designated by the Ministry of Education as one of the premiere higher learning institutes eligible for international students. It is authorized by the State Health Ministry as the International Education Center for TCM in Jiangxi Province and has accepted more than 1000 long-term and short-term students from more than 20 countries and regions including Nepal, India, Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Syria, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The university has set up two cooperative schools for bachelor programs in TCM in Hong Kong and Malaysia respectively and has also established a long-term cooperative relationship with medical organizations and educational institutes in France, Belgium, the United States, Sweden, Korea, Australia, Tunisia and Taiwan.

Through years of experience, the university is practiced in teaching the international students in different languages including English, French, Japanese and Korean. Advanced Tele-education combined with multimedia has also been adopted in teaching.

The university offers a rich educational experience for both students and visiting scholars. Students and visiting scholars from abroad are always welcome to study and carry out scientific research at the university.


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