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Ⅰ .Qualification of Enrollment:
Anyone at the age between 15 to 60 who has an official health certificate, would obey the laws of the People's Republic of China and the regulations of the JU, pays all the fees, is qualified to enroll in the programs.
Ⅱ .Requirements of Enrollments:
•  For the Four-Year Program (to a Bachelor's degree): students should have received with satisfactory grades and should not be older than 35.
•  For the Non-degree Program: students should have received junior middle school education or high-school education and at the age of between 15 to 60.The program requires 1-2 years .As for curricula, refer to IV-2. There Chinese level has to be up to the standards of HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level 6 sponsored by the China Education Ministry. At the end of the program, certificates are offered.
•  For short-Term Program: Students with the similar Chinese level are welcomed to come in groups with at least 5peiple and they should not be older than 60.
Ⅲ .Majors:
Jiamusi U niversity has an abundance of specialties ranging from humanities, technological science, and natural sciences to law, medicine, history, economy, education and management, including 75 specialties offering a Bachelor's Degree.
At present, the specialties, which more foreign students are learning, are for Chinese language and literature, clinical medicine, stomatology, rehabilitative medicine, Chinese medicine, for arts, economy, geography and many others.
NOTE: After one year's Chinese language study, foreign students will take the major subjects together with Chinese students of JU, except the foreign students major in Chinese.
Ⅳ .Admission Procedures:
1.Contact the ICEC office or down load from the web site of ICEC of JU to get the JU Application Form for Foreign Students Wishing to Study in China .
2.Filling the form, stick a photo ( 3cm × 5cm ,without hat),copy of your passport(the page including photo ,name and code),50 USD application fee. Post these things above to ICEC office of JU. Don't forget to write down addressor name in English clearly.
3.The applicator will get a JW202 form (Visa Application for Study in China ) and an admission notice mailed by JU after JU check the documents.
4.With JW202 form, admission notice, passport and other requisite documents applicator go to the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate General in his /her country to apply for “X” visa (studying for one or more than one year.), or “F” visa (less than half a year).
check in procedures:
•  Term begins: Long term: March 1 st , and September 1 st .
Short term: Any time.
•  Documents should be hand in: Admission notice, JW202 form, official health certificate, passport, 8 recent photos ( 3cm × 5cm ,without hat).
•  Registration formalities : the matriculates must hand over the requisite documents to the Foreign students administrative office of ICEC in time to make registry.
•  Hand in tuition, lodging, development fee and fee for Inhabit Licence of Foreigner or visa extend .
Ⅵ . Charging standards
1. Tuition Rates:
Tuition Rates(¥)
Time of Application
Bachelor’s Degree Program
Chinese Language and Literature
CN¥12,000 per academic year
June, December
Liberal Arts
CN¥12,000 per academic year
Science and Engineering
CN¥ 13,000 per academic year
CN¥ 22,000 per academic year
Short-term training Program
Chinese Language and Literature
CN¥ 400 per week
CN¥ 600 per week
CN¥ 450 per week
※•  For the foreign students whose send by the college or university has signed agreements on run colleges jointly with JU, tuitions will be 15%-30% discount.
2. Conditions and Rates for School Housing
JU provides foreign students with apartments with complete facilities. The apartments are equipped with telephones, color TV sets, Internet access, refrigerators, desks, wardrobes and bathrooms.
Rates for School Housing :( 119 )
Room for one bed : CN ¥ 40 ~ 80 per day per room
Room for two beds : CN ¥ 30 ~ 50 per day per room
Room for three beds : CN ¥ 10 ~ 20 per day per room
3.Development fees (Miscellaneous school fees):
Including Practice expense , Experimental expenses , interns expense ,etc. The charge standard gathers according to each specialized major and situation.

Welcome to study at Jiamusi University(佳木斯大学)