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1. 19 majors and special programs for undergraduates (bachelor degree on medicine/literature 6 years)

Clinical Medicine;

Clinical Medicine
Pathological Diagnosis
Medico Psychology

Medical Imaging Radiology
Pharmacology;                   Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology
Public Affairs Management;      Medical Care, Medical Law

2. Disciplines with M.A Authorization (3 years)   ?

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Human Anatomy & Histology-Embryology
Pathogen Biology
Pathology& Pathophysiology
Epidemics and Hygienic Statistics
Medicine Pharmacology
Internal Medicine
Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostics
Gynecology & Obstetrician
Clinical Stomatology
Clinical Medicine Integrated with Chinese Traditional Medicine
Pharmaceutical Analytics
Microbe& Biochemistry Pharmacy
Medicament Chemistry
Food Science
Aerospace and Nautical Medicine
Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

3. Further Study/Clinical Trainee
This course is designed for graduates from medical universities or for students currently studying at a medical university. In this course students will get the opportunity to obtain experience by practicing in an affiliated hospital of our university. They can be enrolled into every discipline prescribed for undergraduates, M.A.
4. Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
The course lasts for two months and consists of an introductory course and an advanced course, each of which will last one month. In the introductory course students will acquire a general understanding of the basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a basic knowledge of the theoretical principles of acupuncture and moxibustion. In the advanced course participants will be able to acquire knowledge about needling techniques, the application of specific points and the treatment of common diseases. They will get a more thorough understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and by the end of the course they will be able to locate and needle about 250 points and be able to treat about 20 common diseases.
5. Special Combined Course
This course gives students the possibility to choose two subjects in which they are interested in the most. Those two subjects will be taught during one month. The different subjects are: acupuncture, Chinese massage, moxibustion, Tai Ji Quan and basic Chinese language
6. Chinese Language Course
Our university offers two kinds of Chinese courses.
The first course is a long-term course consisting of three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each level can be completed in two terms. The minimum study period for this course is one term. The course pays attention to grammar, oral Chinese, listening comprehension and so on.
The second course is a training course for the HSK exams. These lessons will deal with specific knowledge students need to pass the HSK exams. The classes will prepare the students for the specific question types that will be asked on the HSK exams. The course will take 1 month, but can be extended in case the student wishes to do so.
Enrollment requirements
Program + Duration
Study Period
Tuition Fee
(clinical medicine)
6 years
(English Medium)
Secondary education degree
18000RMB/ year
3 years
1. University degree
2. Having passed the postgraduate entrance examination
3. Minimum 2 recommendations from associate professors
4. HSK Band 6 certificate
Further Study/
Clinical Trainee
1-12 months
University degree or a proof of experience in practicing medicine/ Proof of currently being a student at a university
3200RMB/ month,10000RMB/3 months,18000RMB/6 months,24000RMB/ year
Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
1-2 months
7000RMB /2 months
Special Combined Course
1 month
Training Class for HSK
Chinese Language Classes
1-24 months
1100RMB / month
5000RMB / 6 month
1000RMB / year

Other expenses information

Starting time
Undergraduates and postgraduates: September 5th
Students for further study and language study: September 5th, October 1st, November 5th, March 5th, and July 10th
Clinical Trainees and Chinese acupuncture, moxibustion and culture classes: Anytime

1.Each student has to pay an additional fee of 400RMBfor registering.
2.Textbook fees: 100RMB-800RMB per year (decided by the current situation)
3.Accommodation fees: 5000RMB per year
   Short-term study:single room, 80RMB/ay;double room (shared with another international student),    40RMB/day(with TV, telephone, internet, toilet, public laundry, public kitchen, etc.)
4. Expenses on food: decided by oneself, about20RMB per day.
5. Expenses on medical care: 600RMB/year
6. Expenses on residence permission: 400RMB-800RMB/year
7. Electric charge and fees of network will be paid by students themselves.

Application Procedure:

1. Contact the International Office of LMU (cie@jzmu.edu.cn) or download the Application Form for overseas students from this website. (Application Form for Foreign Students of Liaoning Medical University)
2. Post the following things to the International Office of LMU (address below): the application form, a passport photo (3cm × 5cm), a copy of your passport (the page showing the photo, your name and passport number) and the documents required for your specific course. (see table above).
3. After receiving the above documents, LMU will send the applicant a JW202 form (Visa Application for Study in China), an admission letter and detailed information about the tuition fee.
4. With the JW202 form, admission letter, passport and other required documents, the applicant will be able to go to the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate in his /her country to apply for the “X” visa (Student Visa)
5. Upon arrival procedure:
Upon arrival the following documents should be submitted to the International Office of LMU: the admission letter, the JW202 form, passport, 8 recent passport photos (3cm × 5cm).All these documents should be handed in in time in order to facilitate the registration procedure.
6. Payment of fees

The tuition fees and other fees should be paid upon arrival. For detailed information about those fees, please check the `Tuition fees and other fees section of this website.

Welcome to study at Jinzhou Medical University(锦州医科大学)