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Welcome to LingNan Normal University(岭南师范学院)

Zhanjiang Normal University (hereafter ZNU) and the city where it is located in have privileged location as well as convenient transportation. Zhanjiang lies geographically at the most southern point of Chinese Mainland, facing Hainan Island and South China Sea, neighboring Guangxi Province and Vietnam. It is not only the only shortest way from Chinese Mainland to Southeast Asia but also one of the 14 coastal cities in China  that took the earliest step to open to the world. The city connects  itself conveniently with different parts of the world with its airport,  railway, superhighway and seaport.

With subtropical climate, Zhanjiang has beautiful scenery and is like in spring all the year round, especially suitable for people from Southeast Asia  to live in. As a seaside city, it is abundant with all kinds of  delicious seafood, which is quite popular with people from Southeast  Asian countries and attracts tourists from all over the world. There are  als..View more

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Welcome to study at LingNan Normal University(岭南师范学院)