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Liaoning Technical University is a key national university with more than 50 years of history. It is located in Fuxin city. Fuxin means “People are rich because of abundant resources and everything looks brand-new.” Fuxin city has a long history and ancient civilization. It’s a new industrial city, a resort for tourist and a reform and opening city. 
For half a century, the university has been developing under proper management; we have made a great stride in university scale, level and gradation. In 1978, LNTU was acknowledged as one of the 88 key universities by the State Council and was granted the authority of accepting International students (one of 200 national universities) and conferring Master and Doctor Degrees in 1981 and 1993 respectively. In 1999, LNTU set up post-doctoral working station, and get the authority of conferring Engineering Master degrees. LNTU’s primary focus is on innovative methods in scientific research, practical-based learning, and active participation in social service. The university boasts 18 such faculties as Resource and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Business Administration, Architectures, Software, Vocational, Science, Science.  At present, the university offers 68 undergraduate and senior vocational programs; we have a large student body of around 25,000 students, which covers around 22,000 doctoral, postgraduate, undergraduate, vocational and overseas students. 
The LNTU campus is perfect for teaching, research and studying. Quiet surroundings and beautiful environment, blended by rows of teaching buildings of foreign architectural taste give LNTU the prestige it deserves. University’s teaching equipment and scientific apparatus have reached 130,000,000 RMB level, spread across an area of 784,000 ㎡. The modern library occupies 12,000㎡, housing 1,600,000 volume of books and 2000 local and foreign periodicals.〈The Journal of Liaoning Technical University 〉and LNTU Journal (social science edition) have been published at home and aboard; In addition, CNKI has embodied these two editions, while〈The Journal of Liaoning Technical University〉has accessed CSTA and EI, and was listed in the Chinese key journals in the first batch.

Welcome to study at Liaoning Technical University(辽宁工程技术大学)