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I. General Introduction of Ludong University
Ludong University, under the jurisdiction of Shandong Provincial Government, is located in Yantai, a beautiful seaside city in the east of Shandong Peninsula. Yantai, anear Baohai Sea & Huanghai Sea and in sight of Japan and Korean Peninsula, enjoys a beautiful scenery and agreeable climate as well as friendly folk-customs and prosperous economic development. As one of the first 14 coastal cities opening to the world and one of the most charming cities in China, Yantai not only boasts a flourishing international seaport, a booming commercial city around Bohai Sea, but also is famous for tourism, summer resort and holiday destination in the north of China.
After the development of two stages respectively named Yantai Normal college and Yantai Normal University, It’s renamed as Ludong University with the authorization from Education Ministry of State and Shandong Provincial Government in February and April, 2006. With the advantage of normal education, Ludong University, with a total enrollment of 23,000 full-time students, has developed gradually into a comprehensive one with a higher teaching scale, a relatively complete range of subjects of arts and science, a broader space for international exchanges and a brighter future with great promise.
Up to now, Ludong university has developed cooperative relationships with 50-plus universities or high institutes in 20-odd countries with an enrollment of about 300 foreign students each year. Ludong University, listed in the first 200 universities authorized by State Education Ministry to be qualified for recruitment of foreign students, has attracted a great number of international students to come for Chinese learning and academic study since 1989 with its experienced teaching staff, advanced training facilities and excellent daily service. At present, a comparatively sound teaching system, including short-term Study Program, Language Study Program, Undergraduate Programs and Master’s Degree program, has been well established, which makes Ludong University an ideal place for foreign students to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.
II. Majors or Specialties for International Students
There are 53 specialties for Bachelor’s Degree and 34 specialties for Master’s Degree as well as Master’s Degree for Education respectively in 21 schools and 3 basic teaching branches. All the specialties in Ludong University are available to foreign students, among which specialties of Chinese Language and Literature, International Economy and Trade, Tourism and Management are more popular. Furthermore, International Studies College, with its stimulating and excellent environment, is specially designed for such teaching and training. 
III. Standard for Charge (RMB/yuan)
1 standard for registration fee and tuition fee
    cost type
Registration fee
Tuition fee
Short-term language learners
600/week(first 4 weeks) and ¥400/week(each week since the 5th week)
Chinese learners
2Living Conditions and Equipments
Ludong university enjoys a beautiful scenery near hills, an A-class fresh atmosphere with advanced facilities and convenient transportation (about 3 kilometers away from the downtown area, 4 kilometers from the seaport and railway station, 15 kilometers from the airport). A reception center, integrated with teaching building, canteen building, International Apartments and Sports facilities, is specially designed for international students, who can enjoy wonderful lectures, delicious food with low price of about 10-20 yuan per day), comfortable accommodations and sport activities there.
Accommodation fee
International students apartments
Southern room (sunside)
Northern room (opposite to sun)
Central air condition, closed-circuit TV with international channels, Refrigerator, telephone and toilet with shower are equipped in every apartment, and washing room in each floor of the building.
International students can also live off campus after going through some necessary procedures. The rent for a 90-square-meter-apartment with simple facilities and appliances is about 1200-1500 yuan per month.
IV. Registration and Communication Services
1. Application and Materials for Application
Type of students
Time for application
Application Materials
Non-degree students
(1)    Application form for International Students
(2)    First page of passport and one copy of valid visa
  January to February and July to August every year
(1)    Application form for international students
(2)    First page of passport and one copy of valid visa
(3)    A copy of ID of Trustee in China
Degree student
Undergraduate students
May to August (for all specialties)
January to February (for Chinese Language and Literature majors)
(1)    Application form for the International Students
(2)    First page of passport and one copy of valid visa
(3)    A copy of ID of Trustee in China
(4)    Graduation Certificate for senior middle school, original school academic record or the copy with notarization.
(5)    Certificate for HSK
March to August every year
(1)    Application form for the International Students
(2)    First page of passport and one copy of valid visa
(3)    A copy of ID of Trustee in China
(4)    University Certificate for Graduation and Bachelor’s Degree, original school academic record or the copy with notarization.
(5)    Certificate for HSK
2. Admission and Visa Application
After qualification censorship procedures, the applicant will receive the Admission Notice of Ludong University and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students. After that, the applicant can go with these forms and the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners to China’s embassy in his (her) own country to obtain the visa.
3. Registration
The applicant should come to International Students Section of Foreign Affairs Division of Ludong University for registration in due time with Admission Notice, passport, 3Passport photos (3×4 centimeters), thereafter, for other procedures with regard to regulations of Ludong University.

Welcome to study at Ludong University(鲁东大学)