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Brief introduction
     Nanchang Hangkong University (or NCHU for short), enrolling students from all over China, is an engineering-based multidisciplinary university which aims at a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines including engineering, science, humanities, management, economics, law and education. 
     With more than 900,000 square meters of student residence, the university occupies an area of more than 193.3 hectares. The space for sports and other activities takes up 90,000 square meters.
      NCHU now has over 1,200 professional teachers. At present, the total number of registered students is 22,000, of whom 19,000 undergraduates, 1,095 postgraduates, and over 2,200 vocational students. NCHU gives first priority to the all-around development of students as well as the quality of education, and directs its efforts to teaching innovations. As a result, it has made great achievements in the cultivation of talents and its employment rate of graduate ranks first in Jiangxi Province.
     In recent years, NCHU has made great progress in the field of scientific research. It actively participates in the major national science and technology projects and has markedly increased its research and development strength.
NCHU has developed and extended its cooperation and exchange programs with colleges and universities in U.S.A, U.K, France, Japan, Ukraine, Finland, Canada, Belgium, South Korea, Russia, Australia, Holland, Sweden and Slovakia etc. NCHU also attaches great importance to student exchange. In recent years, many NCHU students have been sent to such foreign countries as Japan, South Korea, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden and Australia etc. to pursue their studies; Foreign students from Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya etc. are enrolled in NCHU to study for Bachelor’s Degree. Students from South Korea and the Netherlands etc. also conduct short-term learning in NCHU.
Faced with opportunities and challenges brought by the great development of higher education in the new century, NCHU promptly sets development strategic goal, aiming at establishing a multi-disciplinary, teaching-research oriented university featuring engineering. Every member of NCHU is striving for this goal.
Schools and Majors Conferring Bachelor’s Degree
School of Material Science and Engineering
Metallic Materials Engineering;
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering;
School of Environment and Chemical Engineering
Applied Chemistry;
Environmental Engineering;
Material Chemistry;
Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering;
School of Aeronautic and Mechanical Engineering
Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation;
Flight Vehicle Manufacture Engineering;
Material Processing and Control;
Welding Technology and Engineering;
Schools and Majors Conferring Bachelor’s Degree
School of Information Engineering
Electronic and Information Engineering;
Telecommunications Engineering;
Electronic and Information Science and Technology;
Computer Science and Technology;
Network Engineering;
Educational Technology;
School of Foreign Languages
School of Aircraft Engineering
Flight Vehicle Propulsion Engineering;
Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering;
Aviation Technology;
School of Mathematics and Information Science
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics ;
Information & Computing Science;
Schools and Majors Conferring Bachelor’s Degree
School of Measuring and Optical Engineering
Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations;
optoelectronics and Information Engineering;
Electronic Science and Technology;
Biomedical Engineering;
Applied Physics
School of Economics and Management
Business Administration;
Information Management & Information Systems;
Industrial Engineering;
School of Physical Education
Social Sports;
Physical Education;
School of Physical Education
Social Physical Education;
Schools and Majors Conferring Bachelor’s Degree
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Civil Engineering;
Project Management;
School of Arts and Art Design;
Artistic Designing;
Industrial Design;
Science of Animated Cartoon;
School of Humanities and Law
Social Work;
Public Utilities Management;
Techniques of Broadcasting & Anchoring;
School of Music
School of Software
Software Engineering;
Specialties for Master’s Degree
Awarded Degree
Education of Marxist Theory
Master of Laws
Marxist Development History
Master of Laws
Education in Ideology and Politics
Master of Laws
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages
Master of Arts
Computational Mathematics
Master of Science
Applied Mathematics
Master of Science
Engineering Mechanics
Master of Engineering
Specialties for Master’s Degree
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Master of Engineering
Mechatronic Engineering
Master of Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
Master of Engineering
Optical Engineering
Master of Engineering
Precision Instrument and Machinery
Master of Engineering
Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments
Master of Engineering
Materials Physics and Chemistry
Master of Engineering
Specialties for Master’s Degree
Master of Engineering
Materials Processing Engineering
Master of Engineering
Physical Electronics
Master of Engineering
Communication and Information Systems
Master of Engineering
Signal and Information Processing
Master of Engineering
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Master of Engineering
Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
Master of Engineering
Navigation, Guidance and Control
Master of Engineering
Computer Software and Theory
Master of Engineering
Specialties for Master’s Degree
Computer Applied Technology
Master of Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Master of Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Master of Engineering
Flight Vehicle Design
Master of Engineering
Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering
Master of Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle
Master of Engineering
Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering
Master of Engineering
Environmental Science
Master of Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Master of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Master of Engineering
Application Materials

(1) Nanchang Hangkong University Application Form for International Students
Applicants must fill in this form carefully and faithfully. And stick a photo (48x33 mm) with white background.
(2) One copy of valid passport;
(3) One copy of most recent diploma;
The applicants should offer two copies of your final schooling certificate and academic performance in Chinese or English version. If you are a student at school now, you should offer a certificate.
(4) Two passport photographs.
(5) Letter of Recommendation:
Foreign students who want to apply to study as Master's candidates should submit recommendation letters with signatures of at least two scholars of associate professor or higher.
Tuition & Fees
All the quoted prices hereafter are in Chinese yuan (¥
Application fee:  RMB 610   
Students Category
Tuition Fee
(per academic year)
Teaching Material Fee
(per academic year)
Undergraduate student
RMB14000 per year
RMB300-500 per year
Postgraduate student
RMB18000 per year
RMB300-500 per year
1. Students are expected to pay their fees within the first week dating from the beginning of the academic year.
2. The international students should keep the invoice for tuition in case of query. If the students lose the invoice, the tuition won't be refundable.
3. Undergraduate degree students or master students who have not completed their academic work within the assigned time should pay the tuition for the extended period according to the general tuition standard if they want to extend their study in Nanchang Hangkong University.
4. The students should pay other fees by themselves such as health check up fee, graduation certificate fee, student card fee, library card fee etc. when they are registered in the university.
5.Nanchang Hangkong University can adjust all the fees according to relevant regulations.

    The dormitory for foreign students is located on campus of Nanchang Hangkong University. Both two-bed rooms and one-bed rooms are available. Each room has a private bath, a telephone, a TV set, internet access, air conditioning, bookshelves, standard size wardrobes, a fridge. There are washing machines for public use.

one-bed room: RMB6000 each person per academic year

Two-bed room: RMB3000 each person per academic year

For students during summer or winter vacation, the cost of a two-bed room is RMB 65 per person per day and one-bed room RMB 115 per day.

Note: All accommodation fees should be paid within one week dating from the beginning of the academic year.

Welcome to study at Nanchang Hangkong University(南昌航空大学)