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Undergraduate & Associate-degree Programs
   Six categories including 16 sub-categories within 22 undergraduate majors and 31 associate-degree majors have been created here. Undergraduate majors include
mining engineering
safety engineering
mechanics design and manufacture and its automation
electronics and information engineering
computer science and technology
international economy and trade
civil engineering
Chinese language and literature
English language
information and computational science
. Associate-degree majors include
Computer network and software application
business marketing
electronic business
  This year our institute plan to enroll 3,500 students facing up to 28 provinces, including 2,300 undergraduate students and 1,200 associate-degree students...
International Students
   Welcome International Students to study at NCIST
   Approved by the Ministry of Education and founded in 1984, NCIST is the central government university subjected to the State Administration of Work Safety with taking in Nonferrous Mental Management Institute in 1998. It gives priorities to full time undergraduate education, training programs and international education. Located at Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Zone with the reputation of “Golden Triangle”, the east gate of Beijing, it is only 30 kilometers from NCIST to Tian'an Men Square and 24 kilometers to the capital airport. Bus 930 runs between NCIST and Beijing 's CBD (Center of Business District) every 3 minutes. NCIST has cooperated with internationals such as UN, ILO , USA , Australia , Canada , Korea , Japan and Vietnam . It makes NCIST an international environment with a beautiful campus full of trees and grass. It is an ideal place for life and study. Compared with other universities in downtown, our tuition is lower but we provide better and satisfying facilities for teaching and living in order to attract more international students to promote communication and friendship between Chinese and overseas students . In addition, NCIST targets to the top international education environment for international students, with highly advanced equipments, and low tuition fees. At present, 103 international students are studying at NCIST.
   We offer short-term Chinese programs (4-12weeks), tuition fee: 1,500-3,850RMB/person, Chinese intensive courses (20 weeks), tuition fee: 6,000RMB/person, Chinese preliminary courses (40 weeks) tuition fee: 10,000RMB/person and courses of Bachelor's degree (4 years), tuition fee: 11,000RMB year/person.
   The fall semester begins in early September, and the spring semester in about early March. Boarding Fee: Single room 9,000RMB year/person, Double room 5,000 RMB year/person, Triple room 3,600 RMB year/person. All the dormitories are equipped with furniture, TV, telephone, Internet access, bathroom, balcony, etc.
Adult Education
    The adult education institute enrolls students of correspondence special courses and undergraduate courses , the professional courses are arranged as followings:
   Special Courses : marketing management (system: 3 years), financial accounting(systme:3 years),the application and maintenance for the computer (system: 4 years ), engineering costing (systme:3 years)
   Complementary undergraduate courses: computer science and technology (system: 3 years) ,engineering management(systme:3 years ) ,civil engineering (systme: 3 years)
   Remediation courses for National University Entrance Examination is enlisting.
   The signing ups of engineering graduates has been started.
Academic Calendar(2005-2006)
Fall semester, 20 weeks (Aug 29, 2005 - Jan 15, 2006)
  1. Undergraduate courses begin (Aug 29)
  2. National Day vacation (Oct 1 - Oct 3)
  3. New Year's Day vacation (Jan 1)
  4. Mid-term test in the 12th week
  5. Final exam in the 19th and 20th weeks
  6. Five-week winter vacation for undergraduates (Jan 16 - Feb 19)
  7. Three-week winter vacation for staff (Jan 23 - Feb 13)
Spring semester, 20 weeks (Feb 20 - July 9, 2006)
  1. Courses begin (Feb 20)
  2. Women's Day vacation (Mar 8,half a day and for women only)
  3. Labor Day vacation (May 1 - May 3)
  4. Mid-term test in the 12th week
  5. Final exam in the 19th and 20th weeks
  6. Eight-week winter vacation for undergraduates (July 10 - Spet 3)
  7. Five-week winter vacation for staff (July 17 - Aug 28)

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