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North China University of Technology deepen cooperation with two Korean universities


On the morning of 2nd July, North China University of Technology ideological culture and social development insititute separately signed academic agreement with humanities science of Dongguk University and humanitites of Yeungnam University in Korea. The signing ceremony was held in conference room 220 at No. teaching building. vice president Li Zhengxi attended the ceremony and interviewed the guests form Korea. Jin Rongzhe, Yun Zaigao and Zhang Caijia three professors signed the agreement successively.

Vice president Li Zhengxi warmly welcomed the guests, expressed congralations to close academic cooperation relationship that North China University of Technology established with Dongguk University and Yeungnam University, and introduced to the guests about NCUT ‘s general information, he indicated that the academic exchange strengthening would deepen inter-school relations, and the cooperation would be of promise. 

Before signing the agreement, Prof. Jing Zherong, Prof. Yun Zaigao and Prof. Zhang Caijia respectively gave brief introducation about institutes of themselves, and indicated intention that strengthen cooperation in aspects of east Asia culture modernization studies, civil culture research and college students common sense education research and so on.
The signment will promote the materials and information exchange, professors and researchers’ communication and academic cnference holding among the institutes of three universities of the two countries.

Deputy director Xiong Jiaquan of North China University of Technology department of international cooperation and exchange, deputy director Li Zhiqiang of department of ideology and politic education research and Dr. Jin Hongshui, researcher of Korean Yeungnam University national culture research institute attended signing ceremony and symposium.
The signing ceremony was hosted by Prof. Qing Zhiyong, directory of ideology and politic education research.

Dongguk University is a comprehensive universit in Korea, founded in 1906, established cooperation with Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Renmin University of China, Sun-yat-sun University and so on.

Yeungnam University isone of key universities in Korea, which was honoured as Korean “Royal University” and has become private university of the higest strandard and then largest scale in Korea.

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