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Formerly known as the Nanjing Finance and Trade College founded in 1983, Nanjing Audit University (NAU) has been renowned as the only financial and economical institute of higher education in China that carries “audit” in its name since 1987. NAU came under the direct supervision of China National Audit Office In 1991 and the joint supervision of Jiangsu Provincial Administration and CNAO in 2000. NAU started to offer undergraduate programs in 1993. In 2002, the new Nanjing Audit University was established after the merger of the former NAU and Nanjing Higher Finance College. NAU was authorized to provide postgraduate programs with Master degrees.
NAU came into being at the time of CNAO’s establishment and has advanced along with the cause of audit in China. NAU has always received support from CNAO and has had the honor to invite the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Political Consultative Conference and former Auditor-general Li Jinhua to take the post of NAU’s emeritus president. Relying on the professional superiority and regional advantages, NAU has realized a leap development by utilizing abundant industrial and regional resources to run the school and form its unique advantages in providing education.
NAU holds the belief of “unique feature, quality, internationalization” to run the school and cherishes honesty, truth pursuing, diligence and devotion to public duty as school precepts. The guiding principle of education is to strengthen, solidify and optimize NAU with outstanding scientific research, contingent of talents and characteristics on the solid base of high quality education. With its unique educational conceptions, NAU has been making efforts to build itself into a financial institute of higher education characterized by the discipline of auditing, with mutually supported and developing disciplines of economics, management, law, language and literature, and science and engineering.
The university has 11 faculties, 2 departments respectively providing physical and art education, a subordinate college and a college of continuing education. Among the 24 undergraduate programs offered by NAU, auditing, financing are major programs receiving support both from Chinese Ministry of Education and Jiangsu education administration. Besides, the programs in cameralistics, information management and systems, and international economy and trade are developing with the prospect of becoming featured ones in Jiangsu. In 2007, NAU received an “Excellent” in the education evaluation by the Ministry of Education. Presently, NAU has almost 18000 students on campus.

Welcome to study at Nanjing Audit University(南京审计学院)