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Welcome to Nanjing Xiaozhuang University(南京晓庄学院)

     Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties, is called the “live fossil “of modern times. Being rich in natural and cultural landscape, it is one of the 24 historical and cultural cities first nominated by the state and it is also one of the 7 most favorable tourism cities. The tourism resources in Naming are particularly favored by nature, and it has become an important tertiary industry that enhances international communication, cultural exchange and economic development. There are more than 500 famous scenic spots in Nanjing, main historical sites like Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Ming tomb, the ruins of King of Heaven, ancient city walls, the stone carvings of Southern Dynasties, sheli pagoda, two tombs of Nang Tang Dynasty, Rain Flower Terrace, and the frescoes in Tang Zi Street, famous landscape in east suburb, Qi Xia Hill, Xuan Wu lake, Mo Chou lake and Qin Huai scenery zone.Dr.sun Yatsen`s Masoleum and Qin Huai scenery zone are listed among “40 best”. Airline, railway, highway and water transportation can lead to all the main medium and large ci..View more

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Welcome to study at Nanjing Xiaozhuang University(南京晓庄学院)