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School of Architecture建筑学院
List of Subjects
1 Architecture (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Urban Panning (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Artistic Designing (Bachelor)   Apply
4 History & Theories of Architecture (Master/Doctor)   Apply
5 Design & Theories of Architecture (Master/Doctor)   Apply
6 Urban Planning & Design (Master/Doctor)   Apply
7 Building Technology Science (Master/Doctor)   Apply
8 Landscape Architecture (Master/Doctor)   Apply
9 Protection & Management of Architecture Legacy (Master/Doctor)   Apply
The School of Architecture of Southeast University, found in 1927, can be traced back to the Department of Architecture of the former national Central University. The Department was the cradle land of the modern architecture. A great number of famous scholars and educationists used to teach here including Yang Tingbao, Liu Dunzhun, Tong Qiao and so on. They have contributed a lot to the China architecture and the development of Architecture.
In the school, there are 8 alumni regarded as the academicians of the Ministry of China Science, the Ministry of China Engineering. Currently two of them are still teaching here. It covers one first-level national discipline of Architecture and two second-level national disciplines including Architectural Design & Theory, and History of Architecture & Theory. The discipline of Urban Planning is regarded as one at provincial level. It covers 16 doctoral supervisors, 2 professors hired by the Ministry of National Education, and one faculty awarded the National Youth Science Funds. The faculty members have a high education level, a professional capacity of teaching and research, and a balanced combination of its structure. The School also owns a considerable number of superior students, most of who have become the leading or backbone in diversified fields and occupations.
At present, all its faculty and staff members are making concerted efforts to build it into a world-class school through integration, innovation, unity and diligence. It attaches great importance to academic exchange with a lot of domestic and international universities, institutes and enterprises. It has signed agreements for friendly cooperation with more than 100 universities, research institutes or corporations in countries including Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, United States etc., which has contributed a great deal to the actual strength, international fame and development of the School.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 5 years
Postgraduate students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 3-4 years
Application time
For Bachelor’s degree, the duration for application is from February 1 to April 30. The academic year begins on September 1.
For Master’s degree and Doctoral degree, the duration for application is from September 15 to December 15 for the spring semester and from February 15 to May 15 for the autumn semester.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree: the applicants should have senior high school diploma or equivalent, score list, application form and primary HSKC certificate or above.
For Master’s degree: the applicants should have Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, recommended by two associate professors or above, score list, application form and primary HSKC certificate or above.
For Doctoral degree: the applicants should have Master’s degree or equivalent, recommended by two associate professors or above, score list, application form and primary HSKC certificate or above.
Materials Required for Application
1. Copy of passport
2. Transcript of academic record
3. Copy of certificate of graduation
4. Filled application form
Tuition fees
Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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