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Accommodation & Transportation
SEU’s Int’l Students Dorms are scattered around Sipailou Campus, Dingjiaqiao Campus and Jiulong Lake Campus. Currently, most of the freshmen live at Jiulong Lake Campus; most of the medical students live at Dingjiaqiao Campus and the students of other majors live at Sipailou Campus. It takes 15 minutes to commute between Sipailou and Dingjiaqiao Campuses by Bicycle.
The room facilities in the 3 int’l student’s dorms are similar including air conditioning, water heater for shower, 2 beds/desks/chairs/cupboards, telephone, Internet access and bathroom. And self-supplied mini kitchens are available at the dorms at Sipailou and Dingjiaqiao campuses.
The monthly rent per room is around RMB1000
International students are also encouraged to live off-campus, which costs RMB1000 to 3000 per month for renting an apartment near the campuses.
How to get to SEU
If you start from the Nanjing Railway Station, you can take the bus NO.44, and get off at Sipai Lou Station, then walk for about 3 minutes, and you can arrive at SEU.
If you start from Nanjing bus center, you can take the subway Line 1 here and get off at Zhujiang Station, then walk ahead for about 15 minutes, you can get SEU.
Or if you start from Nanjing Airport, you are advised to take a taxi directly to SEU.

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