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Shaanxi University of Technology is an amalgamation of the former Hanzhong Teacher’s College and Shaanxi Institute of Technology, approved by the state Ministry of Education in June, 2001 to begin operating as a new University. The campus cover an area of 1,742 mu and the building area is 550,000 square meters.
Shaanxi University of Technology is a multiversity which covers economics, law science, education science, literature, history, natural science, engineering and management. Approved by academic degrees committee of the state council in January, 2006, this university became a unit which has the right to confer master’s degree. Currently, this university has 8 associate colleges, 11 departments, 1 teaching department and two teaching centers. It offers 56 undergraduate programs, such as Chinese language and education, mathematics, English, machinery design, manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation, computer science and technology, communication engineering, etc. Besides, this university has established 3 provincial level key disciplines, 18 university-level key disciplines, 1 provincial level key research base for social science, 2 provincial level key laboratories, 3 provincial level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 22 experimental teaching centers (which consist of 71 laboratories). The total value for the facilities is 144,840,000 yuan. The library of the university collects 1589,600 books and 3450 kinds of Chinese and foreign languages’ periodicals.
Shaanxi University of Technology has a reasonably structured teaching term. Currently, there are 1,649 teaching and administrative employees in this university, of whom 1,128 are teachers, 413 are holders of senior and medium professional titles. There are 20,700 various kinds of students at university, of whom 18,600 are full-time students.
Since the foundation of Shaanxi University of Technology, it has cultivated over 50,000 qualified talents for the country. And it has been widely praised by all circles of the society. In recent years, the employment rate of this university was always over 90%.
The university attaches great importance to the scientific research and academic exchanges. The “social science column” and “natural science column” of the school newspaper are both the national excellent periodicals. In recent 5 years, it has all together undertaken 847 scientific research items of various kinds. Besides, it has published 5,785 theses, in which, 2141 are core journals. And it has published 279 monographs and teaching materials. It has lots of academic achievements which have certain international influence.
This university has cooperation and exchanges relations with 18 universities of various countries including America, Australia, Japan, etc. It also has long-term cooperation with English Language Institute of China (ELIC) and English Language Association (ELA).
In recent 3 years, this university has sent 46 teachers abroad for academic visit, inspection and further study. It also invites famous scholars both at home and abroad to teach, give lecture or carry on academic exchanges the entire year.

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