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School of Control Science and Engineering控制科学与工程学院
List of Subjects
1 Test Control Engineering and Equipments测控技术与仪器(Bachelor)   Apply
2 Automation自动化(Bachelor)   Apply
3 Biological Engineering生物医学工程(Bachelor)   Apply
4 Logistics物流工程(Bachelor)   Apply
5 Electrical Power and Transmission电力电子与电力传动(Master/Doctor)   Apply
6 Biomedical Engineering生物医学工程(Master/Doctor)   Apply
7 Control Theory and Control Engineering控制理论与控制工程(Master/Doctor)   Apply
8 Examining and Measuring Technology and Automation检测技术与自动化装置(Master/Doctor)   Apply
9 Systems Engineering系统工程(Master)   Apply
10 Mode Identification and Intelligence Control模式识别与智能控制(Master)   Apply
School of Control Science and Engineering (SCSE) was established in January 2001. It is the successor of Electrical Machine engineering Department of Shandong Institute of Technology, founded in 1949. With the adjustment and merger of National University Colleges and Departments in 1952, the Electrical Machine specialty of original Shandong University was merged into it. With the development of science and technology, some specialties of this Department gradually become other new subjects in information engineering discipline. In 1989, Electrical Machine engineering Department was renamed as Department of Automation Engineering. After the foundation of new Shandong University, it was authorized to rename as its present name SCSE.
SCSE covers Instrument and Meter Engineering and Information Engineering two disciplines. It is entitled to confer doctoral degrees in Control Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering two first-level disciplines. It also covers six second-level disciplines including doctoral programs and master programs, which are Control Theory and Control Engineering, Power Electronics and Electrical Drive, Measurement Technology and Automation Equipments, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering. It is also entitled to confer four engineering master degrees in Control Engineering, Instrument and Meter Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Logistics Engineering and one education master degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering. SCSE is appointed as the specially supported unit by "211 Project" and supported by "985 Project", also the specially supported provincial key discipline unit. Control Science and Control Engineering discipline is enlisted as national key disciplines. Besides, the school possesses two provincial key disciplines, two provincial key laboratories, and one provincial brand subject.
SCSE has gradually established the bachelor, master, and doctor knowledge system; established the teaching, scientific research, and industry work system; established a high-level, high-quality, reasonable-structure, and strong-strength teacher team. The school achieved great development in student cultivating, scientific research, subject construction, scientific and technological achievements industrialization. Among the 156 staff members in the school, there are 22 doctoral supervisors, 37 professors, 1 Academician of China Academy of Engineering (shared), 7 oversea university distinguished scholar professors and National Changjiang Scholar Reward professors, 2 Taishan Scholar Reward professors, 1 “the new century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project” professor. In recent years, SCSE is charged with more than 30 national projects, including the national key research projects, the National "863" program projects, and the National Natural Science Fundation of China projects, and more than 100 other research projects. The faculty in SCSE was awarded 4 national scientific and technological progress prizes and more than 30 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress prizes. More than 1300 papers were published in the well-known academic journals at home and abroad, and more than 40 academic publications and textbooks were published. SCSE has hosted many international academic conferences, such as IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics. SCSE comprises four undergraduate teaching departments including Automation Dept., Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument Dept., Biomedical Engineering Dept. and Logistics Engineering Dept., as well as a computing center and a laboratory center with advanced equipments. It holds eight research institutes such as Automation Control, Power Electronics and Electrical Drive, Process Control, and so on. Also it has Logistics Engineering Research Center, Robot Research Centre, and control Theory Research Center, as well as a high-tech industry, Aotai Electric Co., Ltd, which collects producing, learning and research in one.
At present, there are about 1451 undergraduates, 444 master and doctorate candidates studying in SCSE. Four undergraduate specialties including Automation, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, Biomedical Engineering and Logistics Engineering are set up. SCSE began to recruit students according to automation discipline and biomedical engineering two disciplines from 2005. Automation discipline includes Automation, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument as well as Logistics Engineering three subject directions. Biomedical Engineering specialty is entitled to confer 7 years' Master Degree since 2008. With all these important measures, the student knowledge and growing space will be greatly expanded.
SCSE is forging ahead to a new and better future!

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