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School of Economics经济学院
List of Subjects
1 Economics经济学(Bachelor) Program: Economics (Bachelor) ...  Apply
2 International Economics and Trade国际经济与贸易(Bachelor) Program: International Economics and ...  Apply
3 Banking财政学(Bachelor)   Apply
4 Finance金融学(Bachelor)   Apply
5 Insurance保险(Bachelor)   Apply
6 Financial Engineering金融工程(Bachelor)   Apply
7 Labor Economics劳动经济学(Master)   Apply
8 Quantitative Economics数量经济学(Master)   Apply
9 Industrial Economics产业经济学(Master/Doctor) Program: Industrial Economics ...  Apply
10 Western Economics西方经济学(Master) Program: Western Economics (Master) ...  Apply
11 Political Economics政治经济学(Master/Doctor)   Apply
12 International Economy世界经济(Master)   Apply
13 National Economics国民经济学(Master/Doctor)   Apply
14 Regional Economics区域经济学(Master)   Apply
15 Finance(Including Taxation)财政学(含税收学)(Master/Doctor)   Apply
16 Banking(including Insurance Study)金融学(含保险学)(Master)   Apply
17 International Trade国际贸易学(Master)   Apply
The School of Economics at Shandong University (SDU-SE) is currently one of the largest economics schools in China, after expanding from the original Department of Economics in 1987. It encompasses five departments (i.e. Economics, Finance, Public Finance, International Economics & Trade, Risk Management and Insurance), and it is home to several research centers such as Institute of Consumption and Development. It offers a variety of integrated educational and professional programs, including 7 doctoral programs, 12 master programs and 6 undergraduate programs. The School has been designated as a talent-training base for Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering in a joint effort with School of Mathematics at the same university. Furthermore, Industrial Economics of the School has been recognized as a key discipline nationally, while its Political Economy and Public Finance are ranked as key disciplines at the provincial level. 
Since its founding, the School has consistently pursued academic excellence and highest teaching standards. As a result, its graduates have been routinely placed at key positions in diverse organizations and occupations. Central to its success is an outstanding faculty that is fully committed to active researches and passionate teaching. There are as many as 23 full professors and 29 associate professors among its 73 faculty members, and 14 of whom have extensive oversea research experiences for one year or more. The faculty also includes a fellow of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Science, a well-recognized Taishan Scholar, a National Excellent Teacher, and a Provincial Outstanding Talent.
The School provides a diverse, solid and empowering curriculum for general and professional education in a stimulating learning environment with the support of an academic staff of the highest caliber. Students are given opportunities and motivated to develop their full potentials, which prepare them to make significant intellectual and practical contributions to businesses, government and the community.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4years
Postgraduate students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 3 years
Application time
For Degree applicants, the deadline for application is June 30 for autumn semester, December 30 for spring semester. Degree students shall arrive before August 31st for fall semester and before February 8th for spring semester.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree: the applicants should have senior high school diploma, academic records, health certificate and a copy of HSK certificate.
For Master’s degree: the applicants should have Bachelor’s degree, a 800-word personal presentation in Chinese, 2 recommendation letters from two associate professors or above, academic records, health certificate and a copy of HSK certificate.
For Doctoral degree:the applicants should have Master’s degree, a 800-word personal presentation, academic records, 2 recommendation letters from two associate professors or above, health certificate and a copy of HSK certificate.
Tuition fees
Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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