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School of Civil Engineering土建与水利学院
List of Subjects
1 Architecture建筑学(Bachelor) Program: Architecture (Bachelor) ...  Apply
2 Civil Engineering土木工程(Bachelor) Program: Civil Engineering (Bachelor ...  Apply
3 Urban Underground Space Engineering城市地下空间工程(Bachelor)   Apply
4 Solid Mechanics固体力学(Master)   Apply
5 Architectural History And Theory建筑历史与理论(Master)   Apply
6 Architectural Design And Theory建筑设计及其理论(Master)   Apply
7 Geotechnical Engineering岩土工程(Master)   Apply
8 Structural Engineering结构工程(Master)   Apply
9 Hydrology And Water Resources水文学与水资源(Master)   Apply
10 Hydraulic Structure Engineering水工结构工程(Master)   Apply
11 Highway And Railway Engineering道路与铁道工程(Master)   Apply
The school of civil engineering of Shandong University was established in 1947. In the year of 2000, Shandong Industrial University was combined with Shandong University, Shandong Medical University, then with the establishment of the new Shandong University, the new school of civil engineering is founded.
Now, there are 7 mayors, 5 research institutes, 6 research centers in the school of civil engineering, including 1 the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center of large scale underground caverns, 1 experiment center. The school owns 2 programs for doctor’ degree, 4 programs for master’ degree of the first level courses, 18 programs for master’ degree of the second level courses.
The teachers strength of the school is abundant. Now, there are more than 120 teachers, 17professors, 38 associate professors, 11 doctoral advisors, 5 associate researchers, 10 high level engineers or experimenters, 1 Chinese Youth Science and Technology Prize winner, 1 National Excellent Youth Found winners (A class), 1 New Century Hundred-thousand-ten thousand Talented person, 2 New Century China Excellent person, 3 adjunct Academician, 1 adjunct Yangtze scholar in the school.
There are more than 200 graduate students in the school, including nearly 40 Ph. D candidates and more than 180 master degree candidates. There are more than 1200 undergraduate student and in the year of 2006, more than 300 persons came to the school for the adult education.
There are buildings of more than 8000 kilometers in the school for the teaching, experiment and researching. Nearly 8000 books and more than 1600 kinds of periodical in the school reference room.
The school owns the first class researching instruments, such as the system of the large scale geomechanics model test、the hydraulic control test platform, the brick rock triaxial instrument of entire numerical control, the geotechnic triaxial instrument of the stress path control. Besides these, there are also many researching and test instruments which the school developed by itself and the geological system of the advanced forcasting, such as the TSP203, the geological radar.
In the recent 5years, the school has finished more than 200 scientific projects of all kinds, including the important  researching projects of the national 973 plan, the national 863plan, the national nature science fund, the national technical attack, and the Sanxia Project, the Huanghexiaolangdi Project, the Ertan Project, the Longtan Project, the Jinping Project, the project of northward rerouting of southern river, the bridge and tunnel projects. The researching fund of the school for a year is nearly 20 millions. In the 5 years, nearly 1000 papers are published, 2 achievement had won the second prize of the National Technology Development, and more achievements had won prizes at the provincial or ministry level.

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