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School of Environmental Science and Engineering环境科学与工程学院
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1 Environmental Science环境科学(Bachelor)   Apply
2 Environmental Engineering环境工程(Bachelor)   Apply
3 Environmental Science环境科学(Master) Program: Environmental Science ...  Apply
4 Environmental Engineering环境工程(Master/Doctor)   Apply
5 Environmental Chemistry环境化学(Master/Doctor)   Apply
6 Environmental Biology环境生物学(Master/Doctor)   Apply
The school of environmental science and engineering is a newly founded school after the new Shandong University was established. It was jointly established by Shandong University and environmental protection bureau of Shandong province. The school is located on the east campus of Shandong University, where education, scientific research, innovation and environmental analysis testing service are conducted.

The school has two departments: the environmental science and the environmental engineering; three institutes: the institute of environmental engineering, the institute of environmental science and the institute of modern analysis techniques; and one center: teaching & laboratory experimentation. The school has been awarded the top-level certificate in environmental impact assessment (eia) by national environmental agency, and has passed the measurement-authentication qualification authorized by Shandong province. The operation department of Shandong province cleaner production center is set up in the school.

The school emphasizes the recruitment and retention of the faculty for the development goal of the school. At present, the structure of teachers in our school is appropriate in age groups, educational background, active academic thought and progress in their research fields. Now the school consists of 54 teachers and officers that including one member of the national academy of engineering, 11 professors, and 17 associate professors. the teachers in the school include 8 supervisors of doctor students, and 18 master-student supervisors. In addition, 7 famous scholars have been invited as guest professors of our school. The teacher numbers with phd and masters degree are 42% and 36% of the total, respectively.
The school attaches much importance to teaching and scientific research as a working center. The level of scientific research is improving. The quantity and quality of students is increasing gradually. Now the school has bachelors and masters programs in environmental science and environmental engineering, and doctoral programs in environmental science and environmental engineering. At present, the school has 496 undergraduate students, and 116 postgraduate students.
The school focuses on scientific and technological research. Our faculty has carried out many fruitful researches, innovations and consultation in the fields of environmental pollution prevention, water treatment technology, environmental analysis and monitoring, environmental impact assessment, cleaner production, environmental management and environmental planning. Up to now the school has undertaken 160 research and innovation projects, and achieved 30 important research results. In addition, we have published 682 research papers, including 86 papers published in sci or ei cited journals. We have published 6 monographs, received 19 patents and reported 17 achievements among which 2 achievements were awarded top ten science and technology achievements in Shandong province, 9 were awarded science and technology progressive prizes, and 3 were list as excellent teaching achievements in Shandong province. At present, 42 scientific projects are being carried out, with research budget of 13.29 million RMB, including 18 basic science research projects, with budget of 4.36 million RMB. these basic research projects include national "863" projects and national natural science foundation projects, excellent teacher fund projects of the ministry of education, "tenth five-year" important science and technology subjects of Shandong province, natural science foundation in Shandong province, important science and technology program of the national environmental protection agency and provincial environmental protection agency, excellent young scientists foundation program in Shandong province and cooperative programs with other countries.
The school has excellent scientific research facilities including nine professional laboratories with an area of 1320 m2 and complete equipment worth 12.6 million RMB, such as a zetasizer 3000 zeta potentiometer (UK), 2000s laser scattering system (UK), q600sdt synchronization heat analyzer (USA), toc-5000a total carbon analysis meter (Japan), dx-120 ion chromatograph (USA), lc-10advd liquid chromatograph (Japan), gc/ms2010s gc/ms (Japan), 1×71-12fl/ph fluorescence electron microscope (Japan), spex1403 laser Raman chromatograph (USA), d/max-ra x-ray diffractometer (Japan), x650 scanning electron microscope (Japan),tem-100x transmission electron microscope (Japan).
The school has an open-development policy and cooperates with other universities, scientific research institutes, and large and mid scale companies. Scientific research exchanges and cooperative researches are becoming more and more active. Our scientific research ability is gradually enhanced. The school cooperates with the Hong Kong polytechnic university, Singapore Nanyang technological university, Sweden royal institute of technology, Tsinghua University, the ecology and environmental research center, at the Chinese academy of sciences, and eastern china university of technology.
As we encounter new challenges, the school will accelerate its research activity and become more and more advanced. Everyone in this school will invest their efforts in the development with the belief that we can do better and better.

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