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Ji’nan is a historical city with a history of some 2000 years and is famed for its numerous relics. It is the cradle of the Longshan Relics Culture, the reputed prehistoric culture of China and is found in Longshan Town of Jinan.
Rainfall varies greatly from month to month in Ji’nan, with the total amount in July and August, 214 millimeters and 147.9 millimeters respectively, accounting for 54 per cent of the year's total. This is clearly the best time to visit the often drought affected springs. The temperature rises rapidly between winter and spring here, from an average temperature of minus 1.7 degrees C in January to 15.1 degrees C in April. The average temperature for July is 27.6 degrees C, with no more than 10 days above 35 degrees C. It gets cooler in autumn and the temperature continues to fall, reaching a temperature of around 4 degrees C in January. Compared with the surrounding area, winter in Ji’nan is relatively warm, the main form of precipitation being snow. From November to April, there are about 10 snowy days each year.
Scenery Spots
Baotu Spring Park
Beautiful Baotu Spring Park is located in the centre of Ji’nan City, and it is here that you will find the Baotu Spring. In the past, the Baotu Spring only covered 4 mu (about two thirds of an acre). The park itself was originally established in 1956 and more recently has been extended to 158 mu (about 26 acres). This highly valued facility represents the symbol of Ji’nan City and is regarded as one of the three major places of interest in Ji’nan. This park is highly regarded as a well known scenic spot which makes an ideal location for admirers of wonderful natural springs, culture and various constructions.
Daming Lake Park
Daming Lake Park covers a total area of 860,000 square meters (about 212 acres) of which the lake itself comprises of 460,000 square meters (about 113 acres). The six islands in Daming Lake contain flowers, trees and other plants flourishing amongst the various pavilions. The lake is a center of activity and one can find fish leaping near yachts and boats. In summer, lotuses bloom uninhibitedly filling half of the park with its fragrant scent. At the same time, willows circle the lake on three sides and swing with the breeze, a scene for which Daming Lake is famous. The centerpiece of the lake is a great man-made hectometer fountain built in 1985. The fountain has 103 injectors, and the main injector can spout water as high as 100 meters (about 328 feet) in all its majesty.
Local food
You Xuan
You Xuan is another local snack and is a kind of fried cake. The finished You Xuan is golden and crisp on the outside with a soft inside; it is particularly delicious when eaten with wonton.
Spring Roll
Jinan people continue the custom of making Spring Rolls in the spring. Restaurants also sell spring rolls and the popular version has a variety of wild vegetable as it main filling.
Wuren Bao (Five-Stuffing Steamed Bun)
As its name implies this steamed bun has a variety of fillings. They are peanut meat, sesame meat, walnut meat, and almond and melon seed meat. The other ingredients are jujube meat cube and sugar, which make the bun more flavorsome.

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