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The 2012 international oncologic nursing summit forum was held in Tianjin, China


On 23rd and 24th October, the “2012 international oncologic nursing summit forum” themed “jointly seeking profession development and standing over oncologic nursing” was held in Tianjin, China

Over 20 best experts from America, Hong Kong, Taiwan and domestic attended the conference and gave a report. And number of more than 300 nursing majored workes attended the seminars.

The seminar discussed about oncotherapy, cinical nursing, palliative care, continue nursing and so on those hot issuing, the content of the subjects under discussion were winde ranged and rich, expecially it developed a deep discussion about specilized way of practice, practice characeristics, connotation of nursing, to speed up clinical nursing specialization process and so these aspecs in ncologic nursing field, and palys an important role in China ncologic nursing internationalization.

The journalists learned from The ministry of health institute of hospital management that ncologic nursing majored talents are in great demand and it is in a situation of imbalance development. that nursing talents in China cannot meet with daily increasing clinical demand main because that number of paiients is growing, and nursing scale is enlarging as well as people’s daily concerning about living quality. So Chna will not only develop talents in the country its-slef, but also, will plan to increasing international student exchange to made up the demands.

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