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Welcome to Tianjin Agricultural University(天津农学院)

TJAU which is the only one about agriculture in Tianjin was founded in 1976. TJAU occupying 699300 square meters has two campuses: eastern and western campuses. There are 29 undergraduate programs in areas ranging from agronomy, science and engineer to management, economics and arts. Aquiculture and Crop Genetic Breeding are key disciplines in Tianjin.    TJAU is proud of having a strong and highly qualified faculty team with 590 members in total. Among whom, there are 2 supervisors of doctors and 35 supervisors of masters, 19 professors awarded state government allowance, 1 person entitled specialist professor.   There are 11043 students enrolled, including 8157 undergraduate students and 2886 college students. There are 218 research projects authorized by the provincial department, 212 scientific achievements which have gained independent intellectual property right, 7 authorized patents, and 72 scientific research achievements awarded by the provincial department or even higher.View more

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Welcome to study at Tianjin Agricultural University(天津农学院)