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School of International Trade & Economics 国际经济贸易学院
List of Subjects
1 Economics (Transportation and Logistics) (Bachelor) Program: Economics (Traportation and ...  Apply
2 Finance (Bachelor) (English-taught program) Program: Finance (Bachelor) Offered ...  Apply
3 International Trade (Bachelor)(English-taught program) Program: International Trade ...  Apply
4 Economics (Bachelor)(English-taught program) Program: Economics (Bachelor) ...  Apply
5 International Economics and Trade (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Logistics (Bachelor) Program: Logistics (Bachelor) ...  Apply
7 International Business (Master)(English-taught program) Program: International Business ...  Apply
8 Finance (Master) Program: Finance (Master) Offered ...  Apply
9 Applied Economics (Master)(English-taught program) Program: Applied Economics (Master) ...  Apply
10 International Economics & Trade Administration (Master)   Apply
11 International Trade (Master)   Apply
12 World Economy (doctoral)   Apply
13 Finance (Doctoral)   Apply
The School of International Trade and Economics is one of China's leading centers for the study and research of international trade and finance. The School is an established, research-intensive institution including seven departments and ten research centers. It has strong international relationships and collaboration programs. Graduates of the School have obtained desirable academic positions and responsible employment in both public service and private industry, especially in international trade and financial sector.
At present, it covers 7 departments and 4 research centers. The 7 departments are Department of International Trade, Department of Finance, Department of Economics, Department of Transportation and Logistics, Department of Political Economy, Department of International Economic Cooperation, Department of Mathematical and Quantitative Economics. While the 4 research centers are Research Center of International Business, Research Center of International Economics, Research Center of Foreign Direct Investment, and Research Center of Leasing. What’s more, it covers a group of work talents, including professors, assistant professors, PhD degree and advanced lecturers.
It has established a collaborative relationship in academic exchange and joint research with universities and institutions in countries and regions like the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, HK, Macao, Taiwan, etc. What’s more, it wins a high reputation in domestic and international universities and becomes a first-class school of the University of International Business and Economics.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4 years
Master’s students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 4 years
Application time
The deadline for application is the end of June, every year.
On average, each semester consists of eighteen weeks.
Entry requirements
Undergraduate Study: Applicants must have senior high school diploma, certificate, in good health, winning good results in qualified-examinations.
Master Degree Study: Applicants must have completed a four-year undergraduate Degree program (or equivalent). Preference is given to students who have strong preparation in: microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematics and statistics.
Doctoral study: Applicants must complete the graduate course work with at least 18 credits. For the core courses and major courses in the program, a minimum grade of 70 on a 100 scale is required to be counted for program credit. For other courses, a minimum grade of 55 is required. The average grade of all graduate courses should not be below 65.
Tuition fees
Bachelor’s degree
$7598, 8619, 7159, 5697 (tuition for 4 years).
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree
$5259, 3214, 876, 876 (tuition for 4 years).

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