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Over the last 20 years, China has quickly risen from a state of relative isolation, to an open and vibrant economy, quickly becoming one the world's powerhouses. China's economy has been transformed dramatically through the increasing interconnectivity and globalization of international trade, finance and capital flows. UIBE's role has always been to exist as the academic interface between the realities of China's economic development, and the need to educate capable graduates with the necessary economic, political and business skills to become specialists in their respective fields of interest.

As UIBE is one of China's leading schools for the study of international trade and economics, its reputation for academic rigor and excellence is second to none within its fields of interest. With over 50 years of experience in the field of academia, UIBE offers an extremely competitive environment, highly qualified and experienced faculty, rigorous entry requirements and a challenging curricula, and uncompromising examination standards. UIBE also has implemented a credit-based system with several international universities, providing necessary flexibility to students who select subjects across disciplines in an increasingly complex and specialized global marketplace.

In the past few decades, UIBE has been proud of the performance of its graduates and their many contributions to China's growth; UIBE's Alumni currently play active roles in promoting business and economic cooperation between China and other countries. UIBE welcomes more and more outstanding candidates to join its undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs offered by its Schools, where they can enjoy a bright future in the new century.

UIBE in Depth?

UIBE was founded in 1951 as the education and training base for government officials responsible for China’s economic and international business administration under the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. In 2000, UIBE merged with the China Institute of Finance and Banking and became one of 71 universities under the leadership of the Ministry of Education.

UIBE is a leading university in China and serves as a research base for the Chinese administration in the fields of economics, law, regional studies, industrial policies, WTO issues, management, as well as foreign languages (11 foreign languages taught). The WTO Institute in UIBE is a State-level research and education center.

UIBE is one of the first universities in China to have initiated academic exchanges with foreign academic institutions. Currently UIBE has exchange programs with over 100 universities and institutes from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including: America, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and many others. These continuous exchange programs represent a valuable resource, and will continue to greatly contribute to UIBE's goal of “opening and facing the world” in the new century.

UIBE and the Future

With China as a backdrop, UIBE projects an image of internationalization; its partnerships with universities from around the world, its schools and research institutes, its faculty, its student body from over 100 nations, and its location in the nation's capital, host city to the 2008 Olympics. UIBE actively participates and organizes international conferences and seminars (News&Events), inviting guest lecturers and professors from around the world, promoting the open exchange of ideas and experiences, making China's process and model of integration and growth an inseparable part of a globalized world.

UIBE's goal is for students, both Chinese and international, to acquire the research expertise, knowledge, skills, experience, and new methodologies required for today's rapidly growing economic environment; helping to shape the future of China's economic reforms, and its economic integration within the global marketplace.?

We welcome qualified, talented and highly motivated applicants!

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