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School of Humanities & Social Science人文与社会科学学院
List of Subjects
1 International Politics (Bachelor)   Apply
2 International Economics & Trade (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Accounting (Bachelor)   Apply
4 International Risk Management (Bachelor)   Apply
5 International Economics & Trade Administration (Bachelor)   Apply
6 International Risk Management (Master)   Apply
7 International Trade (Master)   Apply
8 Finance (Master)   Apply
9 Accounting (Master)   Apply
10 International Development (Master)(English-taught program)   Apply
11 Organizational Transform & Corporate Governance (Doctor)   Apply
12 International Development (Doctor)   Apply
13 Logistics (Bachelor)(English-taught program)   Apply
The School of Humanities & Social Science of University of International Business & Economics was found in January, 2006 on the bases of resources recombination of the School of Humanities & Administrative. It achieved good results in various aspects, with newly reform and innovation. Currently, it covers 4 departments, including Department of Political Science, Department of International Political Science, Department of Philosophical Sociology and Department of History Culture; and 5 research institutes including Institute of International Affairs & International Policy, Institute of Social Development & Social Policy, Institute of Political Development of Contemporary,Institute of Ideology & Culture, and Institute of Marxism & Current.
The School covers a large number of high-qualified, sophisticated faculties who are engaged in International Politics & Economics Teaching, and scientific research. There are 28 faculties, including 6 professors and 8 associate professors. The faculties of Doctoral degree have a percentage of above 70. By recent years, the faculties have published more than 200 high-qualified scientific papers and 15 monographs. Moreover, it wins dozens of scientific awards. The great scientific research achievements not only win a good social reputation, but also lead a solid foundation for discipline construction of the School.
What’s more, the School attaches great importance on establishing wide relationships and corporation with domestic and international universities in academic exchange. It regularly invites a lot of famous professors or experts to speech in the school. In addition, it holds a lot of international conferences which makes great contribution to the development of teaching and scientific research in the school.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4years
Postgraduate students: 2years
Doctoral students: 2-3 years
Application time
For Bachelor’s degree in Chinese, the duration for application is from April 1 to May 30.
For Master’s degree, the duration for application is from October 15 to December 15.
Master Programs in English:  Spring Semester: Before October 15 each year, Fall Semester: Before June 15 each year.
For Doctoral degree, the application period is before June 30 each year. Doctoral Programs in English: the application time is before May 30 each year.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree: the applicants should have senior high school diploma, application form, health certificate and HSKC certificate.
For Master’s degree: the applicants should have Bachelor’s degree, recommended by two associate professors or above, application form, health certificate and HSKC certificate.
For Doctoral degree:the applicants should have Master’s degree, application form, recommended by two associate professors or above, health certificate and HSKC certificate.
Tuition fees
Tuition must be paid in full at registration for the first academic year, and in the
following years it is paid by semester.
Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
RMB24800/year (course in Chinese),
RMB46000-49750/year (courses in English).
Master’s degree
RMB29800/year (course in Chinese),
RMB2680/credit (courses in English).
Doctoral degree
RMB29800/year (course in Chinese), RMB2680/credit (courses in English).

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