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2012 summer social practice network departure ceremony held more than 2500 students attend


Since April, the school started to "bear the burden with the youth, macmillan hone growing together" as the theme of the summer 2012 social practice activity. After nearly three months of intense preparations later, the early work has been finished, more than 2500 students is headed to develop practice activities all over.
In order to better adapt to the school teaching time, my school innovation social practice team at the form, with the Internet, set up special website in summer 2012 social practice activity network departure ceremony (web site: http://uibe.tingtingabc.com/doaction/map). Attend a summer social practice team just login departure ceremony site, click on the practice destination, fill in team information and practice message, can complete a summer departure ceremony social practice.

As a new form of social practice summer departure ceremony made full use of the advantages of convenient network platform, is the practice of the paperless concept attempt. At the same time also improve the students participation, let the students feel "war" ceremony feeling, inspired everyone involved in the enthusiasm of the practice. Fill in the basic information war team may be further statistical team the purpose of travel situation, for the next step do propaganda work and security work lay the foundation. So far, there have been more than 300 a practice team participate in the Internet to complete departure ceremony, many students to this year's network departure ceremony approving: "network: the names of the form is very good, also can see the other teams have to go to, what are the team and we went to the same place."

Our school this year summer social practice at a module design, and practical guidance in new attempt. One is based on the time feature and school education internationalization characteristics, design the "foreigners in China (international community foreign residents life)" the characteristic such as project module, invite young professional teachers' participation in the school and fully research guidance, and strive to build a social influence the high-quality goods of practice project. 2 it is special force organization to have written the university students' social practice course ", with more professional social practice teaching material instead of the social practice instruction manual. Teaching materials in recent years in our school of social work practice as the background, this paper discusses the university students' social practice common problems of the introduction to the majority of students of social practice management organization, the main content and the research methods. 3 it is this year's social practice focuses on strengthening the work safety, specifically formulated the summer social practice matters needing attention and safety notice "and" the summer social practice safety emergency plan,, and successively have held safety, safety testing, educational association will emphasize security symposium security problems, to ensure that practice smoothly.

Since May 25 release "about 2012 college students in summer social practice formal notice of" since, our school has organized by a summer social practice policy interpretation, topics will guide lectures, practice research methods and thesis writing lectures, points youth corps committee secretary work safety, and the students to go overseas practice community social work practice and the social practice of college students work more than 30 new campaign. Our school there were more than 380 team, nearly 2500 people participate in this year's social practice, involving the collection of the participating students, bo, and retention, four groups, practice site covering domestic all provinces (including municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions) and beauty, India, France, Russia and other countries and regions. Students will be filled with big trade the passion of youth, with our hopes, will "UIBE" flags in all over the world.

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