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Uibe 2012 undergraduate enrollment beginning in early group


Our school 2012 undergraduate students enrollment has on July 5 launched steadily. By July 8 at 16:00, have completed the Beijing, jilin and heilongjiang provinces in the batch of (small language) enrollment work.
Our school approve ahead of schedule (small language) admit a mark to continue is located in national key university front row. In the last year of the mark is higher, and the further promotion. To admit fractional line is far higher than the local ChongDianXian, has admitted the three provinces and cities of the lowest points and ChongDianXian admitted the bad of the 12 single points of difference, 11 poor single points higher than last year. In Beijing, jilin and heilongjiang province and so on arts and sciences to admit fractional line beyond local ChongDianXian 97 points average; Beijing science beyond ChongDianXian admit a mark of 143 points.
Our school enrollment work of the university's leadership at all levels of care and attention and support, each department collaboration, actively cooperate with each other, and the job for a very full, ensure that the school 2012 enrollment work smoothly.

And there is a high score high quality best students will have to enter HuiYuan, this is the school in recent years at home and abroad and the influence and reputation promote fully embody. Then, my school in other cities and provinces more than 70 batches of the total enrollment will be launched intensive, student affairs admissions office also will continue to be in the serious and responsible, just and fair principle, to solicit more outstanding school student to make the contribution.

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