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Application objects and Qualification:
Undergraduate studies: Senior middle School graduates.
Graduate studies: Undergraduates having undergraduate degree certificate.
General Advanced Students: All having at least two years Schooling of university study.
Senior Advanced Students: All of graduate degree or above, or associate professors or all ranked above.
Short-Term programs: All interested in the relevant subjects.
General Advanced Chinese: All interested in the Chinese study.
Application Time:
Those who plan to start their study in autumn are to finish their application before July 15 of the same year; those who plan to start their study in spring are to finish their application before December 30 of the previous year. At the material of application is to be mailed or faxed to the Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. Those who apply for class for Advanced Studies at Chinese language can at any time directly contact the office.
Application Formalities:
Those who apply for Chinese government’s scholarship in order to study at WIPE must submit by themselves their application to their country’s government department or relevant organization in charge of sending students to study abroad , or to the Chinese embassy(or consulate)in their country.
Those who apply for their studying at WIPE at their own expense can directly contact the Foreign Affairs Office, and ask for the admission brochures, WIPE foreign students application forms and physical examination forms for foreigners. The applications must also fill in the application forms in detail and go through their physical examinations as required.
The Material Required of Application:
1. Those who apply for over 6 month’s studying at WIPE are required to submit the following 5 kinds of material to WIPE:
1) WIPE foreign students application form filled out by the applicant (with the applicant's recent photo);
2) Physical examination form for foreigners filled out with the applicant’s recent photo (the duplicated one is also allowed);
3) The applicant’s recent schooling certificate (the duplicated one);
4) the duplicated passport of the applicant;
5) Application fees:400RMB
2. Those who apply for their studying at WIPE for less than 6 months are required to submit:
1) WIPE foreign students application form filled out by the applicant.
2) Application fees:400RMB
Admission & Registration

 1. After receiving and approving the application material and fees required,  WIPE is to send out WIPE admission notices and foreign students application  forms for entry visa to China (JW202 form) to the applications.

 2.  All the foreign students admitted to WIPE must hold the admission  notices and JW202 forms and go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in  their country to get the entry visa to China, and then as required in the  admission notice, they must, holding the admission notice, JW202 forms,  pass-ports, personal registration photo [8 for each person] and physical  examination forms [including the original blood laboratory test reports, X- rays and electrocardiograms], come on schedule to the foreign Affairs office  of WIPE and go through the registration formalities. Those who fail to go  through their registration formalities on schedule without good reasons are  regarded as the ones who voluntarily abandon their qualification as the  admitted students.
Required Fees
1. Application Fees:400RMB(mailed with the application material to the Foreign Affairs of WIPE)
2. Fees required (annually per person)
The Liberal Arts'Fees
The Science's Fees
Undergraduate Studies
16000 RMB/per year
20000 RMB/per year
Graduates Studies
20000 RMB/per year
25000 RMB/per year
General Advanced Chinese
16000 RMB/per year
General Advanced Students
16000 RMB/per year
Senior Advanced Students
25000 RMB/per year
4--12 Weeks
2600 RMB/four Weeks
Above 12 Weeks
8000 RMB/half year
3. Accommodation fees:
Two living rooms and one sitting room: 450 RMB/per month/per living room
Big one living room & one sitting room: 700 RMB/per month
Small one living room & one sitting room: 500RMB/per month    
Equipment:living room, kitchen, bathroom, cooking facility, refrigerator,
               washing machine, TV set, air conditioner, shower facility,
               microwave stove etc.

4. The medical, living and teaching material costs are paid by the students themselves.

Welcome to study at Wuhan Institute of Physical Education(武汉体育学院)