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Accommodation & Transportation
Payment explanations for overseas students
Tuition:12000RMB per academic year,1400RMB/per month for short-term (less than half a year);
Accommodation fee:300RMB Per month;
The deposit for domitory: 1000RMB;
Insurance premium: 300RMB per year.
Fees for applying for study in China, admission registration, postage, medical examination in China and one-year residence permission add up to about 2200RMB.
For short-term overseas students, the tuition must be paid once and for all ;For long - term overseas students (longer than half a year),it must be paid off once half a year;The electricity fee and water fee must be paid according to the factual account consumed
Accomodation conditions
Two students share one room which is furnished with TV set, fridge, air conditioner, Internet access, cookers and beddings.

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