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Wuyi University (WYU), founded in 1985, is one of full-time comprehensive universities in China. It is located in Jiangmen City (a well-known hometown of the overseas Chinese) of Guangdong Province in the western part of the Pearl River Delta, which is close to Hong Kong and Macao. To the north it is 100 kilometers to Guangzhou; to the south it is also 100 kilometers to Zhuhai. Jiangmen City has jurisdiction over five cities (i.e. Xinhui, Taishan, Heshan, Kaiping and Enping), historically called Wuyi, from which Wuyi University derives its name.
WYU has a beautiful campus, neighboring attractive scenery East Lake Park, with a lucid Tiansha River going through it. It occupies land area of over a thousand mu, and the floor space amounts to 300 thousand square meters. It has a library with a collection of 400 thousand books, 16 highly equipped labs, a computer center with more than 1300 computers of different kinds, and an audio-visual center. Since January of 1996, the campus network has linked itself with CERNET and INTERNET and has covered the whole university. Now WYU electronic library alone has over 500 computers.
WYU devotes itself, in the spirit of reform, to the practice that higher education provides direct service to the local economy and tries to train qualified personnel of all fields for the economic development of overseas Chinese hometown and Guangdong Province. It has two schools (Management School and Information School) with 15 specialized departments (Chinese Language and Literature Department, Foreign Languages and Literature Department, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Department of Business Administration, Department of Applied Economics, Department of Tele-communications and Electronics Engineering, Department of Computer and Internet Network Engineering, Department of Information and Control Engineering, Mathematics and Physics Department, Chemistry and Environment Engineering Department, Mechanics and Electricity Department, Civil Engineering Department, Textile and Apparel Department, Social Science and Art Department, Physical Education Department) of 32 majors for undergraduates and associate graduates in liberal arts, science, business, teacher-training ,etc. It also has two colleges (Continuing Education College and Higher Vocational-technical College). It enrolls undergraduate students from 7 provinces and 1 municipality directly under the central government (Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan and Chongqing), and postgraduate students from Hong Kong and Macao. Till now WYU has provided the society with 15,000 undergraduates and associate graduates, of whom 11,000 were full-time undergraduates and associate graduates, and 20,000 people of all kinds of training. Now WYU has over 10,000 registered students on campus, of which 7,600 are full-time undergraduates.
WYU has a competent staff of over 600 members, of which 60% are professors, associate professors or specialists with senior academic titles and 77% have Doctor’s Degree or Master’s Degree. Moreover, several foreign teachers are engaged in long-term teaching in WYU and a number of well-known scholars and celebrities from home and abroad have been conferred honorary professors or guest professors of WYU. While taking teaching as the core of all its activities, all staff members are also actively involved in scientific research and technical development, aiming towards the local economic development and social service. In recent years 2000 research paper, over 100 monographs and textbooks have been published at home and abroad.  WYU also takes on 10 projects financed by National Natural Science Fund, 33 research projects at provincial level, and over 70 cooperative research projects, which has achieved remarkable results.
WYU persists in being strict with management as well as teaching. It attaches much importance to the implementation of students’ integrated quality training and to the cultivation of their practical abilities and creative spirit. It emphasizes, “Quality is Life.” So teaching quality has been increased and WYU students work assiduously and secure outstanding results in nation-wide or province-wide unified examinations. In National Grade-4 Test for English Majors both in 2000 and 2001, 91.5-91.8% students passed the test, the rate of which is 21-22% higher than the national average rate; in 1997’s Computer Unified Test sponsored by Guangdong Province and Hainan Province, WYU students won the first place both in passing rate and excellence rate; in 1994 and 1995 WYU students won the first place for National Experimental Designs in Physics; in 2000’s Nation-wide Competition of Mathematical Control Model, WYU students got three second prizes at national level, three first prizes at provincial level and their total score ranked the second place in Guangdong Province.
WYU has gained great support in its construction and expansion from Wuyi fellow townsmen. Since its founding Wuyi fellow countrymen have made an entire donation of 200 million Hong Kong dollars to the university for more than 50 buildings, instruments and equipment used in teaching and research work, books and magazines and also subscribe funds to   reward the outstanding teachers and students. So WYU has not only made good use of its favorable situation as a hometown of oversea Chinese, but also built itself with the efforts from home and abroad. At moment WYU has established relations of cooperation and exchange programs with more than 20 universities and colleges in the United States, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao and some other countries and regions. Every year WYU also sends over 20 excellent teachers abroad for advanced studies and researches and some topnotch students to USA for advanced learning. WYU, one of the first schools authorized to enroll international students, has recruited more than 300 long-term or short-term international students from more than 10 countries, such as the United States, Mexico, Japan and Indonesia, etc.
The post-graduate education program of WYU started quite early. Since WYU was approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council as Master Degree granting unit in 1998, now it has first six Master Degree granting disciplines, namely, Signal and Message Processing, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Textile Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Automation, and Applied Chemistry. WYU is the only one in South China that can confer Master Degree of Textile Engineering. Now WYU has about 80 graduate students and more than 20 doctoral students.
In 1996, WYU, in view of its high quality of tertiary education, passed the undergraduate-level education qualification evaluation sponsored by the State Education Commission which makes comments on WYU: “WYU has taken a successful road for a city-run school in the center of highly-developed economic areas.” With the continuous improvement of its overall strength, its position in the list of universities on the net is moving more and more towards the top. In 1999 WYU ranked the 307th place among thousands of universities in China; in 2000, it ranked the 211th place in China; in 2001 it ranked the 167th place in China, but ranked the 10th place among 60-odd universities in Guangdong Province. 

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