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School of Economics 经济学院
List of Subjects
1 Finance & Banking (Bachelor)   Apply
2 International Trade (Master)   Apply
3 Industrial Economics (Doctor)   Apply
School of Economics of Wuhan University of Technology was established in 2001. From the 1986 set of industrial foreign trade, in 1988 set up trade and economic Undergraduate date a continuous integration Economics School Optimize resources, then the school has become a prominent interdisciplinary with characteristics, the subject development direction ( Applied Economics) clear, and a higher degree of internationalization of teaching and research-based professional school.

The existing staffs of the school are 101 people, among them 78 professional teachers, including 16 professors, associate professors and 26 lecturers 36 people. 33 teachers have a doctorate in people, accounting for 43 percent of the total number of teachers; doctor teachers read at 19 people, accounting for 24 percent of the total number of teachers; 45 years of age accounted for 87 percent of teachers. Subject teachers have the responsibility of one person, Professor and PhD supervisor of 11 people, the State Council and provincial government special allowances 2 people experts, academic leaders in Hubei Province trans-century 3 people, Hubei Province, the backbone of the next century one person disciplines. More than 20 people have studied in the United States, Britain, Canada, Austria, Germany and Japan.
In addition, the school has built doctor points, Applied Economics, an interdisciplinary Master of points (including industrial economics, international trade study, the financial study, quantitative economics, regional economics, finance professionals, such as 10), and Western Economics Master and Master of Public Administration (MPA) point; the creation of economics, international economics and trade, finance and e-commerce study of four undergraduate professional; colonel has built a base of scientific research - science and education, innovation and economic development of research centers, hospitals have Technology and Economic Development Institute, the Securities Institute, Institute of e-commerce, financial engineering, resources and environment and transport Economic Research Institute Economic Research Institute and other scientific research bases. College undergraduates read at the current 1465 people, read at 343 people graduate, doctoral students and 38 people have come from Japan, France, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa more than 10 foreign students.

Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 2 years
Doctoral program: 3-4 years
Application time
Before April 30 of every year.
Entry requirements
Applicants must hold equivalent degrees with good results, in good health and the applicants should be under 25 for undergraduates and under 45 for graduates.
Tuition Fees
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Application fee
Undergraduate programs
Postgraduate programs
Doctoral programs

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