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8911 squadron of school of maritime graduated 20th anniversary party cum donation ceremony is held.


8911 Squadron of school of maritime graduated 20th anniversary party cum donation ceremony was held under Wuhan University of Technology No.2 Bridge. President Huang Liwen of school of maritime, management committee, student work office and leaders of school of maritime as well as 8911 Squadron alumnus, school of maritime students of grade 09 took part in the activity. The donation ceremony was hosted by school of maritime Pary’s deputy secretary Zhang Gan.

Bathed in the misty rain, carring bursts autumn, we happily gathered under Wuhan University of Technology No.2 bridge. Vice president Zhang Anfu delivered a enthusiastic speech, warmly welcomed 8911 squadron’s return and sincerely thanked alumnus for donating stone carving. Chen Chuanquan to be representative of 8991 spuadron gave a speech, in his call for, all alumus had three bows to their teacher, thanked teachers heartly teaching, and expressed their best wishes to the teachers. The stone carving donated by 8911 squadron alumus is about 4 meters high, Front engraved with the red "sailing", reflects nautical courageously fighting spirit, beckons hopeful about the future of the motherland’s maritime career

A twinning ceremony was held after the donation ceremony. The 89,111 classes to 89,113 classes of alumni and Marine 0901 students twinings, and 89,114 classes and 89,115 Class Alumni Marine 0902 class twinnings. Tow parties’ representatives exchanged name list and adress book and posed for pictures.
After the ceremony, the participants posed for pictures in front of sailing building.

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