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The thirteenth amorphous solid physics international conference hosted by WHUT is held.


Thirteenth International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids, XIII PNCS hosted by Wuhan University of Technology and China Ceramic Society was held on September in Yichang, Hubei province.
Wuhan University of Technology vice preisdent Zhang Lianmeng, China Ceramic Society deputy secretary Tan Fu, The three gorges new building materials co., LTD president Xv lin attended oppening ceremony and gave speech respectively. The the conference chairman as well as Wuhan University of technology Ceramic materials of state’s key lab director Zhao Xiujian spoked, briefly introduced about the international solid physics conference’s history, topic and organization conditions.  

On the conference, Prof. Hideo Hosono Tokyo Institute of Technology gave a report on amorphous oxide semiconductor, academician of chinese academy of sciences as well as Prof. Tsing Hua University Liu Baixin, international commission on glass icg consultant Arun K. Varshneya from U.S. Alfred University, International glass material authoritative experts, British Aberystwyth University Prof. Neville Greaves,  The French national academy of sciences Prof. Dominique Massiot, The Nobel Prize for chemistry special recommended expert, Denmark Aalborg University and so on 30 international famous experts and scholars made Special invited report. In the meanwhile, the experts and scholars had deep discussion on basic questions in amorphous material of glass transition, rheology; amorphous solid structure and its computer simulation; and applied frontier problems in Amorphous material electrical, optical mechanical properties and its application, and new technology amorphous materials preparation and processing in 36 parallel sessions of 2 main sessions, showed the latest research achievement, reflects world highest adademic level in amorphous materials research field.  

The conference received in total of 343 papers of 36 nations and areas such as U.S. Japan, Frech, Korean, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Germany. Differs from the past conferences, this conference recieveed large a mount of papers related to amorphous alloy and molecular glass, colloid glass and other relevant fileds, reflected this conference’s authority in amorphous solid state physics field. The outstanding papers will be published on Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids which is the authority in amorphous solid state physics field, the rest will be pressed conference album on Physics Procedia.   

It is reported that the next amorphous solid physics international conference will be held in The United States Niagara Falls scenic spot in 2015, Prof. Cormack A. N. from Unite state Alfred University will be the chairman of the conference; the fifteenth amorphous solid physics international conference will be held in Saint Malo, Frence in 2018, Prof. Zhang X. H from No.1 French wren university will be the chairman of the conference. 

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