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Wuhan University of Technology held the 11th Foreign Language Festival


Spanish Matadors, NBA, Indian Youga, French red wine, that special culture of world countries converged, became unique culture exhibition. On the afternoon of 29th November, the opening ceremony of 11th Foreign Language Festival and Foreign Culture Exhibition open at Jianzhu Square. Party Committee secretary Qiu Guanjian, leaders of functional departments and college of foreign language attended , the opening ceremony was hosted by deputy secretary Ding Zhiwei.


Deputy secretary Qiu Guanjian on behalf of Wuhan University of Technology expressed his sincere appreciation and respect to leaders and departments who concern about and support the foreign festival work. He pointed out that the festival always obeys aim of culture spreading and culture platform construction, it made positive contribution to campus culture atmosphere. Reviewing past years’ successful foreign language festival, he said: “through ten years of ups and downs, the festival has grow up to university-wide festival which students of Wuhan University of Technology are looking forward to, and has influence on universities in central China even on the society. This foreign festival must be new pole that leading foreign language time, driving hot of language learning wave and serving for students and promoting development.”

Later, college of foreign language Party Committee secretary Yuan Xiaojian announced that the 11th Foreign Language Festival open, guests who attended the ceremony surged up to castle gate, visited every exhibition area and appreciated culture differences.


As it is reported, this foreign language festival combined exotic exhibition with funny games, so make students learn culture of different countries while tasting delicious food, drinks and playing games. Though it was sprinkle day, the delicate exhibition stage, attractive food and wonderful games attracted massive teachers and students, many foreign friends also joined in, and later there will have more wonderful programs be present.

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