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The international academic seminar “Trauma subject research in contemporary American literature” was held in Wuhan University of Technology


On 1st, December, The international academic seminar “Trauma subject research in contemporary American literature” was held in Wuhan University of Technology, the seminar was hosted by Foreign Literature Study editorial department, and was undertaken by Wuhan University of Technology College of Foreign Language. Vice president of WUT Wang Qiankun, Chief editor of Central China Normal University College of Liberal Art Foreign Literature Study editorial department Nie Zhenzhao and responsible person of WUT international Exchange and Cooperation Department, College of Foreign Language attended the seminar. The relevant scholars, professors from China universities and over 60 experts, scholars from nearly 10 nations and areas attended the seminar. 

Vice president Wang Qiankun gave a welcome speech, and pointed out the seminar was of great significant for Wuhan University of Technology to build its Humanistic atmosphere, to promote its disciplines’ overall development and to enhance the awareness of teachers’ academic activity internationalization. Professor Nie Zhenzhao said that the spirit of people fighting against with misfortune in many Chinese and foreign literature also expresses trauma subjects, this is significant in then introspection that how human beings avoid disasters in contemporary zoology and social environment. The one-day-long academic seminar rounds “trauma subject” and was held in ways of speech and group discussion, the participants spoke enthusiastically, discussing the topic from various perspectives with visual examples. Three parallel sessions had a hot discussion on problems such as trauma and war, trauma and ethics, trauma and zoology and so on.


6 o’clock evening, the seminar successful fell, vice presidents of CCNU College of Liberal Art, Foreign Literature Study Magazine deputy editor Su Hui gave a speech at the closing ceremony. She summered up three outstanding of the seminar: strong pertinence, diverse works, and various levels of people attended.

The whole seminar was of strong academic atmosphere, the participants spoke enthusiastically an share their achievements. It motivated WUT teachers and graduates’ passion and interest in being engaged in academic research.

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