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Accommodation & Transportation
 (Ⅰ). Application fee:
RMB400 yuan (may be paid at enrollment).
(Ⅱ).Tuition fee (per year):
Student Categories
Liberal arts
Science & Engineering
16500 yuan
20700 yuan
29000 yuan
Master's Candidate 
19700 yuan
27300 yuan
37200 yuan
Doctoral Candidate
26300 yuan
38600 yuan
45400 yuan
General Advanced Student
16500 yuan
23000 yuan
31200 yuan
Senior Advanced Student
24700 yuan
29000 yuan
39400 yuan
Language Student
16500 yuan
Research scholar
39400 yuan
PhD research
41100 yuan
 (III).The fees for each student of a Chinese culture class are to be agreed and fixed by the 2 parties according to the studying time, content and the tour cost.
(IV). Accommodation fees and condition:
Foreign Students Buildings in Maple Garden:
Facilities: Central Air-Conditioner, telephone, flush toilet and show bath
1.     Building No. 1: Flat with 4 bedrooms (4 students share one flat): $132/month/person.
2.     Building No. 2: Single room: $175/month/person.
3.     Building No. 4、5: Flat with 2 bedrooms (2 students share one flat): $146/month/ person.
NOTES:Students should purchase bedding by themselves. They can also purchase it in Life Administration Office, College of Foreign Students Education. (260 RMB for each set)
 (V). The medical, living and teaching material costs are paid by the students themselves.
How to get to Wuhan University
1)From Hankou railway station
The students can take bus No.591 and get off at the terminal station, the bus fare is 0.3dollars. The students can also choose to take a taxi to the university directly; it will take about 5 or 6 dollars.
2) From Wuchang railway station
Take bus No.564 and get off at Luojia Mountain Wuhan University,or the students can take Bus No.402 and get off at Technology gate of Wuhan University. The bus fare is 0.3dollars. If the students choose to get there by taxi, it wil take them about 3 dollars.
3) From Tianhe Airport
Firstly, the students can take the airport bus (about 4.5dollars,50mins) to Wuchang Fujiapo bus station, and then take bus No.413,No.519,No.608 to Wuhan University, or they can take a taxi. It will take the students about 16 to 18 dollars for a taxi.
4) From Wuchang Inter-city bus station
Take bus No.608,No.413.No.519, the bus fare is 0.3dollars. 

Welcome to study at Wuhan University(武汉大学)