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Ohio State University delegation visted Wuhan University


On 18, December, Ohio state university vice President Adams Gaston visted Wuhan University . executive vice President You mei Feng , Deputy party secretary and vice president Chuanzhong Wang sucessively met the guests in the following two days. The two parties discussed further stenthen the cooperation.

In a meeting, the two sides reviewed the implementation of the two schools’ exchange history and cooperation projects. Youmei Feng hope that the two side better promote students exchange, and develop cooperation relationship

Chuanzhong Wang hoped that Wuhan University keep up a sound tradtion of the cooperation between the two Universites, positively push student affairs management cadre training to a new stage
Adams Gaston fully affirmed the long-term cooperation has achieved positive results, and believe that it will go deeper.
The two sides also exchanged ideas and made an agreement in terms of sending student affairs staff for intership and practise in each other universites,

During the visit, the Delegation led by Adams Gaston also took special vist to the universities’ Reserch Dept. , student swork Dept. the School Youth League committee and other functional department, and had a conversation with Students Union, Postgraduate Union and Students Community representatives to better understand the development of Wuhan Universities’ students affairs.

Ohio state university has more than 50,000 students, which is one of the largest universites in America,its teachers strength is abundant, there are three Nobel Prize winner teaching in the university. Since June, 1981 when the cooperation agreement was signed, WHU and Ohio state university has always kept good intercollegiate exchange relations.Especially, since the year 2006, through the two parties’ push, students affairs exchange training has entered overall substantial stage. WHU sucessively sent as many as 36 students political work cadres to take a 30days’ students' affairs work practice training in Ohio state university then. This June, 7 postgraduates from OSU came to WHU for one month of student affairs experience

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