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Delegation of Wuhan University visited India and Nepal


30th , Sept. to 7th Oct. The Wuhan University party secretary Li Jian led a delegation to visit India and Nepal. In this 8 days, the delegation visited India and Nepal’s 3 universities, met with President of Nebal and officers of China Ambassy in Nepal, and accepted the invitation to participated foundation ceremony Wuhan University alumni association Nepal branch.

The delegation’s arrival was given warm welcome by relevant universities and people of kind. A series of achievements were made through this visit, on one hand, it exmines current situation of higher education in India and Nepal, signed memorandum of cooperation, does much basic work for enlarging our school international students’ enrollment amount; on the other hand, through education exchange, it promotes friendly folk exchanges of Sino-Inida and Sino-Nepal, improves international influence of Wuhan University. 

During the visit at India well-known private university, Vellore Institute of Technology, Li Jian with the delegation examined the teaching condition and school operation adavantage, visited ourUniversity school of international software students studying in Vellore Institute of Technology, met with its President Viswanathan and Executive vice President, teaching vice principal, administrative vice President. Li Jian signed a cooperative letter of intent on strengtening two universities’ student exchange with the principal. The delgation dropped in at India Sharda University, and have primary commnication on matters concerned of accepting students from their university to study in China.   

When visiting Neapal, the delegation felt Nepalese Government and people recognization to Chinese advanced education and sincere feelings to Chinese people. On the afternoon 5th, August, President of Nebal Yadav met with the delegation in particular, and expressed his thanks to Whan University for educating Medical talents for Nepal. When arrving at Shidado walazsitaly insititute, the delegation was welcomed by the teachers andd students. the institute Old president as well as a famous writter Mubarak Seaman • Raj Bains gave a sincerely speech on the welcome meeting, expressed deep feeling to Wuhan University and Chinese People. The two parties signed Inter-school cooperation framework agreement, and discussed the cooperative intent in Chinese language education and BDS fileds. The delegation also attended foundation ceremony of Wuhan University alumni association, Nepal branch. It is said that the alumni association was the first association organization founded with students as the main body by our university in overseas so far.  

During the visit at Nepal, the delegation also met with officers of China Ambassy in Nepal. Wuhan Unversity alumnis, abassador in Nepal Yang Houlan interviewed entertained the delegation.

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