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Republic of Nepal president meet with delegation of Wuhan University


On the afternoon 5th, Oct. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal president Ram • Baran Yadav met with delegation of Wuhan University in the Office of the President in Kathmandu. University Party secretary Li Jian had a cordial conversation with Yadav.

President Yadave welcomed delegation’s visit to Nepal, and sincerely thankded our university for helping Nepal to train a large number of high-quality talents. He said, China and Nepal have thousand years of friendly exchange, Traditional friendship between China and Nepal keeps stengthening since formally establishing diplomatic relations. So far, talents majored in Agricultural, Medical , water conservation water and electricity are in great demond in Nepalese economical and social development, this need help of Chinese colleges, he hoped that Wuhan University could provide Nepalese yonths with more chance to further study.

Lijian appreciated president Yadav’s value on Wuhan University delegation, and introduced Chinese advance education developmental achievement and general information about Wuhan University. He indicated that as Chinese advance universities national team, Wuhan University will make spirit of joint statement published at the beginning of this year when China's prime minister visited Nepal into practice, further enlarge the university educational cooperation with Nepal, move forward to promote exchange between China and Nepal, and train more excellent talents for Nepal.

As reported, since 2001, our university has accepted nearly hundred Nepalese students, mainly in medical filed. With sound qualities, Nepalese students was praised , after returning to their country, 100% Medical students pass national examination of doctors' qualifications, not a few students has become elites even directors of big hospitals

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