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Delegation from The third University of Bordeaux, France visited Wuhan University


President Bran of The third University of Bordeaux, France led a delegation to visit Wuhan University, executive vice President Feng Youmei met with the delegation, Two parties communicated about strenthening the cooperation. 

As French famous Ancient Greek culture research specialist, Bran was invited by Wuhan University Department of French Languages to host the two universities joint training Doctoral Dissertation Defense and attend academic exchange activities.

Feng Youmei expressed his warm weclom fro Bran’s visit, she said, cooperation and exchange with French is characteristic and important part of our unversity international cooperation and exchange, the university attaches great importance and cherish the traditional friendship with The third University of Bordeaux, France, and welcome more students from The third University of Bordeaux to come to Wuhan University for exchange or studying for a degree.   

Bran indicated that among the cooperative partners that The third University of Bordeaux, France have in China, Wuhan University is the longest and the most stable one, The third University of Bordeaux appreciated ability of the teachers and quality of the students sent to exchange by Wuhan University. So far,  a few of universities in Bordeaux is under fusion step by step, she hoped to develop cooperation with Wuhan University in Medical Science, Law and  other wider fileds 

The third University of Bordeaux is a comprehensive university, manly in Literature, Arts, Archaeology, Environment Science, Information, Humanities and so on, enjoyes a good reputation in Frence. The exchange between the two Universities teachers and students is very frequent, School of Journalism and Communication with the school of Information and Communication School regularly carry out academic exchanges, take turns to host the International Conference on Intercultural Communication

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