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The person in charge of Wuhan University Sino-Frence Medical Class Jacques?Hubert won Hubei Chimes Award.


Hubei Chimes Prize awarding ceremony was held in Wuhan. Awardee is Jacques•Hubert who is one of the person in charge of Sino-Frence class of Wuhan University department of Medical Science and professor of French Lorraine University School of Medicine. Hubei Provincial Party Committee Organization Department minister Lou Yangsheng awarded fro him.

Jacques•Hubert,  the French Lorraine University School of Medicine Dean, Brabois  Hospital Urology Director, at the same time as France Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Association President. Since 2003, Jacques•Hubert works together with Academician Stoltz and Gilbert to carry out exchange in medical science education and scientific research with Wuhan University, making efforts to the success operaton of 7-year medical class. 

Since Sino-Frence class was founded, Jacques Hubert has been taking in charge of scheme determination of training, curriculum arrangement, French teachers arrangement, as well as taking in charge of exchanges students selection, management. Besides, his attatched importance to scientific research cooperation, once developed academic exchange with scholars and graduate students for many times.

Trough ten years of hardworking, Jacques•Hubert, as a excellent clinical sugery and Sino-Frence friendship emissary, set up a solid bridge between Wuhan University and Lorraine University, even a bridge between Hubei Provincial and Lorraine areas’ Sino-French Medical Education. He and his workmates’ brilliant contribution to Sino-French Medical Exchange is appoved and higly spoke of by President of the republic of France      

As it is said that Hubei Provincial Chimes award it to reward foreign experts who have good reputation and greater social influence, at the same time make brilliant contribution and show spirit of selfless dedication in Hubei provincial economy construction and social development, it is the highest honnor for experts in Hubei province. 

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