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Jiang Kun showed charm of Chinese culture in Confucius Institute at Paris Seventh University


12th November, Jiang Kun, the famous Crosstalk performing artist, Chinese Ballad Singers Association vice-chairman came to Confucius Institute at Paris Seventh University, gave a lecture themed Charm of Chinese Traditional Opera, and made storytelling show with youth rap actor Wang Yuebo

Jin Chunlei, Press counselor of Chinese Embassy in French, students and teachers from Paris Seventh University and Confucius Institute, relevant scholars and Chinese culture funs listened to the lecture; the lecture was hosted by Zhou Hanbin, Chinese president of Confucius Institute at Paris Seventh University.


 The whole lecture hall as packed with active and warm atmosphere. Jiang kun fully showed a crosstalk artist’s language skill, explained the art charm of crosstalk language and its relations to life by selecting large amounts of crosstalk stories, using the unique humorous way to deeply analyze artistic charm Chinese Opera

In interactive communication session, quite a few audiences expressed their love for Opera, and asked questions one by one. Jiang Kun answered one after another with his own inspiration and love for Opera. 


At the end of the lecture, Jiang Kun presented Confucius Institute at Paris Seventh University with collection of painting and calligraphy works of his own, books and so on

The activity let overseas scholars, foreign friends and Chinese culture lovers have a close touch with Chinese artist, and close experience of Chinese culture and art charm.

As it is reported that, Confucius Institute at Paris Seventh University culture activities were constant climax, the third Chinese films show brought French the Red Guards on Honghu Lake and In The Air Tonight two classical Chinese films, relevant experts and audiences have discussion about the films; Prof. ChantalAndro, French poet, translator and Prof. Zhan yinde from CERC language science research center were invited to unscramble the Nobel winner Mo Yan and its works for students and teachers of Confucius Institute at Paris Seventh University. 

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