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Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU)stands out as the only one characterized by its disciplines in petroleum and petro-chemistry in the northwestern part of China. Today, it operates with the joint support of both the local provincial government and the three major oil companies in China ( CNPC, SINOPEC, and CNOOC ). It is also one of the universities selected by the provincial government for its “12th Five-Year Plan” project of high-level university development.

The school was founded in 1951 as Northwest Oil Industry Secondary School. To meet the demands for more talents as a result of the rapid development of China’s oil industry, in 1958, Xian Petroleum College was founded with the approval of the State Council. In 1969 (the Great Cultural Revolution), the school was transformed into a factory. In1980, the school was resumed .In 2000, it was transformed from a school attached to CNPC to a regular provincial one co-funded by central and local government. In 2003, the school was upgraded from college to university, renamed as Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU) .In 2009, Shannxi provincial government and the three major oil companies in China signed an agreement on their joint efforts for the development of the school. In 2011, the school was included as one of the universities selected by the provincial government for its “12th Five-Year Plan” project of high-level university development.

The City Campus of the university is located in the High & New-tech Development Zone of Xi’an, and the New Campus is in Xian Fengjing Industrial Zone , Hu county, Xian. The school covers a total of 2207.15 mu, with a total real property worth 1670,000,000 RMB, and a total of instrument and facilities worth 281,000,000RMB. The university enrolls students from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. Currently, there are 2300 regular postgraduates and 17,800 undergraduates. Besides, we have about 300 international students and more than 15,000 students in Continuation Education.

Xi’an Shiyou University consists of 13 colleges, 4 departments and one authorized discipline for co-cultivation of doctor candidates. Besides, we have 14 authorized subject areas of first-level discipline for Master degree and 58 authorized areas of Second-level discipline for Master degree, with 3 different categories and 13 fields for master degree conferring, including the 11 fields in Master of Engineering. The school was recently authorized to admit the qualified under-graduates on campus directly into its graduate school. So far, there are 7 key disciplines at provincial and ministerial level, 1 provincial feature discipline in philosophy and social sciences, 1 State Engineering Lab and 19 provincial key labs and institutes of engineering technology. Of the 55 undergraduate majors, there are10 provincial Feature Majors, 5 provincial Brand Majors, and two majors were entitled by the State’s Education Commission with “Development of Excellent Engineers”. Besides, there are 17 provincial Excellent Courses, 5 provincial Demonstration Centers of Experimental Instruction and 4 provincial Experimental Areas for Creative Talents’ Development-Mode.

There are 1,600 staff members, with1000 full-time teachers. Of them, there are over 500 professors and associate professors, about 300 tutors for Ph.D. or master degree candidates, and 660 of the staff have won their Ph.D. or master degrees. There are 7 provincial Teaching Teams, 2 experts of National Outstanding Contribution Prize , another 40 experts either Outstanding Contribution Prize Winner or enjoying special government allowance. There are 10 provincial and ministerial Trans-century Academic Leaders, 8 provincial Distinguished Teachers, 4 national and provincial Excellent Teachers. One of the teachers was admitted into the National Talent Project of the New Millennium, 5 teachers were admitted into the provincial One Hundred Talent Project, and one was appointed as the provincial San Qin Scholar, and another 3 have won the title of Shanxi Provincial Retain Specialist. The school has also hired 10 academicians from both home and abroad as Distinguished Visiting Professors.

To meet the new demands of the nation’s energy strategy and regional economic development, the school has devoted much not only to teaching quality but to scientific research, and its overall strength in science and technology development has steadily improved. In the last three years, the total number of key national and provincial projects, including the National Natural Sciences Fund, National Social Sciences Fund, Project 863 and 973 amounted to 198, with a total fund of 350,000,000RMB. And the total amount of fund from various projects in the year of 2011 alone came to 127,000,000RMB. The school has won 47 national and provincial & ministerial prizes for its and technological achievements in the past five years, with one Second Prize of National Technical Invention Award ( in 2007), one Second Prize in National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (in 2010), five first prizes of Shannxi Provincial Award for Science and Technology. The school was so far granted 94 national patents of invention, 106 patents of new & practical technologies. Up till now, 47 academic monographs were published, and 613 papers from the school have been cited by the three major information retrieval system of SCI, EI and ISTP. One of the school’s scientific research teams won the May 1st Labor Merit Certificate.

The school also advocates and is actively involved in international exchanges and cooperation. Up till now, it has successively signed cooperation agreements with 39? and institutions in U.S.A., U.K., Russia, etc., of which, 13 American universities are our partners for the Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual Degree Program for co-cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates. Besides, we have a 4+2 -Master with two universities in Germany, 4+1 Undergraduate with Britain, Russian Major Exchange Program with Russia, etc.

With our constant efforts, great achievements have been made in many aspects of our school development. In 2003, the school was awarded by Shannxi provincial government as the Demonstration Center for Campus Culture; In 2007, it was awarded by the State Education Commission as the Advanced Unit of Discipline Inspection among the educational agencies in China, In 2008, it was granted a title of Provincial Civilized Campus by CPC Committee and Shannxi People’s Government; and It was rewarded by Shannxi Provincial Education Commission as the Advanced Primary Party Committee among the universities in Shannxi in 2006,2009 and 2011; And, it was rewarded as the Safe Campus by Shannxi Provincial Education Bureau, and provincial Public Security Bureau.

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