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Singapore Fengshu Group donated 200,000 China Yuan financial aid to Xidian University


18th, October morninig, on the celebration of Xi’an YI Feng Cheng opening anniversary, Singapore Fengshu Group donated 200,000 China Yuan grant to Xidian University. Vice president Li Jiandong, person in charge of student work department attended the donation ceremony, the first batch of 75 students who got the financial aid took part in the ceremony.  

Li Jiandong on behalf of Xidian University expressed respect and appreciation Feng Shu Group, encouraged students who got the aid to study hard and take active part in social activities so as to grow up to be all-round development of high-quality talent early, repay society with protical action  

Postgraduate Yang Rui from school of communication engineering on behalf of the students who got the financial aid, sincerely thanked the Feng Shu Group, and indicated to repay the concern and love of school and all social sections by studying hard.  

As reported, in order to further support the development of education,to encourage student to study hard and to promote exchange and cooperation between universities and enterprises, Feng Shu Group planed to donate 200,000 China yuan to Xidian University each year from 2011 to 2015, counting up to one million which will be used for aiding excellent graduates and undergraduates whose families are financially difficult so as to improve their living and studying conditions

It was said that Feng Shu Group stipend is divided into two grades that is special grade and first garde, the spcecial grad stipend is 4000 per person, and first grade one is 2000 per person. In the selection of 2011 year Feng Shu Group stipend, student work department according to principal of fair, just, and open, selected 75 students through procedure of student apply, class dicussion, college preliminary examination, and university verifying and announcement and so on, among the 75 students, graudates takes up 50, undergraduates takes up 25.  

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