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City University of Hong Kong associate professor takes an academic visit to Xidian University


Having invited by Xidian University school of economic management Prof. Du Rong, City University of Hong Kong department of information system associate professor Robert Davison took an academic visit to Xidian University 10th October to 12th.

On the afternoon of 11th , October, Prof. Davison made an academic lecture themed “Crafting a New Theory: From Messy Process to a Process Model” in room 104, section 6 of  north campus main building. The lecture introduced the important role that the new theory playes in mangement research, and the demarcation, type, way of innovation of the theory, the establishment process of the new theory, etc.problems exsiting in management research. Prof. Davison also took his research project for example, showed establishment process of the new theory, including steps such diagnosis, analysis, abstraction, identification, selection, interpretation, synthesis and verification as well as necessary iterative process. At the end of the lecture, Prof. Davison had a deep discussion with teachers and students, and answered their questions carefully

During the visit, Prof. Davison’s also surveyed the famous multinational corporation Thougworks which is located in Xi’an software park together with Prof. Du Rong and associate Prof. Ai Shizhong. They had interviews about knowledge management strategy with the company’s general manager, product director and company’s Australian customers, in the meanwhile, Davison also developed a questionaire survey themed knowledge sharing on company staffs, and indicated to make it be the material for cooperative research, apply for relevant scientific research projects together 

Prof. Davison gained master degree of IT in The University of Nottingham in 1991 and got doctors in City University of Hong Kong in 1998; he is now associate professor in City University of Hong Kong. Prof. Davison’s research directions are virtual community, cross-culture problems research in information system section, Ethics and specialization research, knowledge management, etc. Davison as well as advanced editor of Information Systems Journal, associate editor of Information Technology & People, chief editor of Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries and chief editor of ISWORLD department of Ethics    

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