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Acadamician of U.S. National Academy of Engineering, Professor Cleve Moler joined our university “Youth Pioneer Forum”, giving a wonderful interpretation about MATLAB theory of evolution.


On 11th October afternoon, Prof. Cleve Moler who is founder of MATLAB, academician of U.S. National Academy of Engineering joined our university “Youth Pioneer Forum”, dilevered a humanities and academic integration lecture on topic of “MATLAB theory of evolution” in little theatre of college students activity center at south campus, and introduced MathWork corporation’s developmental history and his personal growth experience. 

Prof. Moler started his story from the year 1951, he looked back the person who have important influence on his life and cooperation partner of late team with old photos; compared the nowaday’s computer developmental standard with that in fifties and sixties. Prof. Moler analysed Matlab’s wide use in many fileds in detail while signing with emotion about the fast development of computer technology.

" I study maths, but I work on Control Theory and Signal Processing? What’ that? I have no idea about it myself at all. While when I was told that Matlab works on Control Theory and Signal Processing, I found it works realy good!” Later, this academician of U.S. National Academy of Engineering shared MathsWorks coporation’s development and recent plan with kidding that “Growth of the number of employees is the N-th power of 2”. Prof. Moler also showed usage of the world first version Matlab software published in 1981, and he told us that Matlab icon comes from his docotral paper which was completed at U.S. Stanford University in 1981, it is result of thin L-shaped membrane, Wave equation and partial differential.

When talking about Matlab softwars future development, Prof. Moolder said that they divided its users in to two types, part-time type and professonal type. The part-time type users probably use their softward one or two time a week to help them solve some difficulty matrix operations, the new functions and new operation interface brought by its great versions changes may be troubles for these who are engaged in engeering work or students,. While for professional users, they need to complete their daily work with the software, so a comprehensive functions is naccessary. Th developers will keep balance between two types of users so as to better meet users’ needs  

The lecture received a enthusiastic response, the students learned elegant demeanor of “Father of Matlab”, the little theater was packed. There were many students from Xi’an Jiaotong Universtiy and Northwestern Polytechnical University also came to atudit the lecture. The activity one stop of lecture series of “ Cleve Molder October gold autumn’s China University travel”, which was co-hosted by our university school of electronical engineering, university league committee. 

Cleve Moler, chairman of MathWorks corportation and the chief Mathematicians, founder of MATLAB’s first version, coauthor of subroutines library of LINPACK and EISPACK science. He has got a lot of honor such as Swedish Lin Ping Xue University honor degree , University of Waterloo, Canada Honorary Doctorate degree in mathematics, Technical University of Denmark honorary doctorate, etc. He respectively worked in Michigan University, Stanford University and New Mexico University for almost 20 years, and once worked in Inter computer hardware manufacturer Hypercube company and Ardent Computer computer. He used to be applied mathematics institute chairman in 2007 to 2009. In 1997, Cleve Molder was chosen to be acadamician of U.S. National Academy of Engineering. This year, he obtained IEEE Computer Society “2012 Computer Pioneer Award”  

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